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Homemade Moisturizer – Finding What’s Perfect for You

Why do you need to find a homemade moisturizer that’s just right for you? The short answer is because you are totally unique. Yes, you’ve probably got two eyes, two legs, two kidneys, one liver, etc. like every other human being walking the planet, but there is an undeniable uniqueness. You already know that your DNA is unlike anyone else. Your fingerprints belong to just you. Your body chemistry, although similar to that of everyone else, is yours alone.

Want more proof that you are unique? Think about this. If each of us weren’t unique, we would all enjoy the exact same foods prepared the exact same way. We would all enjoy the exact same entertainment. We would all have the same favorite color. We would all have the same skin color, type and texture. What a totally boring world it would be if we were all the same.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you of your uniqueness, now let’s explore ways you can find a homemade moisturizer that works perfect just for you.

Want to see a mind numbing list of raw ingredients you can choose for your homemade moisturizer that will blow you away? Here we go: There are 89 carrier oils to choose from alone. If you add the essential oils to that and the use of fruit in its raw form, the choices are almost endless. You’d have to live a lot longer than the human lifespan to try them all and you’d have to live multiple life spans to try all possible combinations of ingredients. The problem is you want a homemade moisturizer that’s going to be perfect for your skin and you want it now. So what do you do?

The cheapest and best homemade moisturizer is dependant on your lifestyle. That, of course, means plenty of fresh air, exercise, healthy diet, drinking enough water and managing stress. We’re going to assume here that you’ve done all you can to optimize your body’s own ability to moisturize your skin and keep it youthful. If you haven’t, this is the first place to start.

Next, let’s do a skin and health analysis. Is your skin dry? Is it oily? Is it a little of both? Quite often people notice dry cheeks, but the area over the forehead and around the nose is oily (commonly referred to as the T zone). Is your skin wrinkled? Do you have a skin condition such as acne or eczema? Do you have allergies? If so, to what are you allergic? Are you pregnant (this doesn’t apply to guys)? Write all your observations down on a piece of paper as this list will form the framework for your homemade skin moisturizer.

Your personalized homemade moisturizer:

We’re going to provide you with three basic facial moisturizer recipes. Try them. If they don’t work for you, comment below and we’ll help you create other combinations to try. We’ll work with you until your homemade moisturizer is perfect for you. If you have created a homemade moisturizer that’s simply a wonderful, share it with the community. We’re very interested.

Homemade moisturizer recipe for oily skin:

Apply 1 teaspoon Babassu oil

Homemade moisturizer recipe for combination skin

Apply 1 teaspoon coconut oil

Homemade moisturizer recipe for dry skin

Apply 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

Remember, moisturizers are applied after cleansing.

There, see how simple that is. Now it’s your turn. Try these moisturizers. If they work for you (and they probably will) you’re done. Remember to comment below if they do or don’t work for you or if you have other skin issues. From there we’ll work together so you will have that perfect homemade moisturizer.

Now go have fun and relax.

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