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SpaFromScratch Declares War!!!

Win the War on Wrinkles: The Best Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

Who ever said we have to age gracefully? The wrinkling effects of gravity and the environment aren’t going to get us without a fight. This is war. Our first defense, of course, is to make sure our skin is as healthy as it can be by eating right, drinking plenty of water, getting enough exercise and managing stress.

Our second defense is to use a nourishing anti-wrinkle face cream.

We have three choices. We can purchase the best anti-wrinkle face cream that we can afford; we can make our own; or we can do a combination of both.  My first choice is to create my own anti-wrinkle face cream because I want full control of what goes on my skin. That said I know some of you have neither the inclination nor time to do this and therefore will want to buy over the counter anti wrinkle face creams. The third option is to buy a face cream base then add the anti- wrinkle ingredients of choice. This option allows you to test the effectiveness of the ingredients added.

Over the counter anti-wrinkle face cream

Prevera might be the best place to start particularly if you’re on a tight budget. The Prevera moisturizes and is rich in peptides that help to enhance collagen production. It is one of the highest rated and lowest cost anti-wrinkle face creams available.

Two more highly rated products you can try are Skincell #29-A and the Dermajuv complete Rejuvenation System. You’ll pay somewhere around $30 for Skincell #29-A and over $120 for the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System.

Make your own anti-wrinkle face cream from scratch

To do this, you will need to build a basic moisturizing cream and then add the active anti-aging ingredients.

Here’s a super simple base cream recipe (Makes about 1/4 cup cream)

Whisk these ingredients together with a whisk or stick blender to form your base cream

Here’s how to turn that base cream into a super anti-wrinkle face cream

First stir in the dry ingredients one at a time until well mixed then gently fold the liquids into your cream.

Make your own anti-wrinkle face cream by adding active ingredients to a pre-purchased base cream

There are a number of suppliers where you can purchase ready made base creams (I like Skin Actives). Once you have the cream, simply add the anti-wrinkle components that are listed above and you’re done.

Tip: The selenomethionine imparts an aroma you probably won’t care for. You can opt to omit it from your recipe. However, I don’t recommend that since you will then be robbing your skin of the anti-carcinogenic benefits as well as benefits in protecting your cells from DNA damage from UV exposure.  It would be better to simply mask the odor with your choice of the fragrant essential oils recommended in the recipe.

A last word

Personally, we here at SpaFromScratch will love you just as much whether you have baby soft skin or that of a prune. However, we thought that since we try and keep our wrinkles at bay with anti-wrinkle face cream, you might be interested in doing the same.

Now go have fun and relax.

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