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Spa Gift Basket – It’s Perfect When You Make It Yourself

So why in the world would you want to make a spa gift basket? After all, you can buy a beautiful spa gift basket from a catalog or online. The answer to that question is simple. If you create a spa gift basket, it will be a much more personal gift than one you buy. It will show you cared enough about the recipient to prepare a spa gift basket with only that person, couple or family in mind.  There’s another reason to make a spa gift basket rather than buying one; you can save a lot of money (or not depending on the options you choose for your basket).

In this post, we’re going to focus on important information you should have before creating your gift basket.

Step 1 – Who is the spa gift basket for?

Step 2 – Acquiring the materials for your spa gift basket

Step 3 – The contents of your basket

Watch for my next several posts. I’m going to create a spa gift basket; for a woman; for a man; and for a family with two kids; for a teenage girl; and a romantic spa gift basket for a couple. This is just to get you started; you can change what you need to change to personalize your spa gift basket for your friends and family.

Now go have fun and relax.

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