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Natural Baby Skin Care

Your baby is totally dependent on you to make the healthy decisions for him or her. Some of those decisions will revolve around baby’s skin. The big question is; what are the healthiest lotions, oils, powders and shampoos to use? Fortunately, the answer is easy, if you follow a natural baby skin care program, you can’t go wrong. Plus it’s simple and inexpensive. In this post you will find a natural baby skin care program that’s both healthy and easy.

Natural baby skin care recipe 1

Babe in Spa-land Baby Oil

When you massage your baby, you’re creating a life long bond between you and that new little human being that is in your charge. Not only that, but massaging your baby has other benefits. It helps your baby feel loved, increases blood circulation, boosts the immune system, aids in digestion and is calming.


Mix together the above ingredients and bottle. If for a gift, you may want to use decorative bottles. You should do a skin patch test on your baby to check for allergies before using any product on his or her skin. Do this by applying a small amount of oil on the inside of the elbow, cover with a Band-aid and leave on overnight. In the morning check for skin irritation.

Natural baby skin care recipe 2

Babe in Spa-land Baby Shampoo

Add oil to Castile soap and gently shake. Mixture may then be put in decorative bottles as a gift.

Natural baby skin care recipe 3

Babe in Spa-land baby powder

This is really easy. If your baby is 6 months old or less, use pure cornstarch as a baby powder. If your baby is over 6 months, you may add pure lavender essential oil at ½ teaspoon in ½ pound of cornstarch. Put the cornstarch in a baggie and add oil a drop at a time. Seal baggie and mix thoroughly being sure to remove any lumps. Let mixture stand for 3 – 5 days to allow oil to penetrate the cornstarch.

It’s really important in our chemically laden world to start children outright. As they get older, you can explain to them that by making spa products at home, you are adding only ingredients that are good for them. Before they blossom into adults you will have the opportunity to teach them how to create their own totally fabulous spa products. That knowledge can then carry on when they have their own families.

Now go have fun and relax.