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Create the Perfect Spa Gift Basket – For Family with Children

Sometimes buying gifts for families can be difficult. Should you give each member a separate gift? Should you give one gift and try and please everyone? A spa gift basket is the perfect gift to give because you cover all the bases. Some items are for everyone and some are designed for individual family members.  What follows are suggestions for child specific items.

Spa gift basket items for baby

To make your own baby powder, oil and shampoo, click here. [2]

Spa gift basket items for toddlers

Spa gift basket items for grade school kids

After grade school, adult items apply. However, depending on how much you know about the kids, you may want to add items such as a favorite candy or other goodies, kid specific lotions, creams, bath bombs and other spa products. Of course, you will need to label these items so the kid knows it just for him or her. Oh, and don’t forget the lip balms.

Don’t be afraid to be creative when adding items for kids to the spa gift basket just make sure the item is safe for the age of the child. One way to be sure of that is to make it yourself because then you have 100% control of the ingredients.

Hint: If your spa gift basket is for a family with pets, you can add a thing or two for them. A toy or treat will work, just fine and will make your spa gift basket truly personalized.

Now go have fun and relax.

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