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One Day to be Thankful

It’s wonderful to spend an entire day each year just to be thankful. What follows is a list of things Lori and I are thankful for. Why don’t you tell your family here at SpaFromScratch what you are thankful for by adding to the comments. Let’s keep the list going.

We are thankful:

• For the love we have for each other
• For our family
• For all of our friends here at SpaFromScratch
• For all of our readers who have sent kind comments
• For having enough to eat
• Because our work here at SpaFromScratch is so much fun
• For having a warm shelter
• Because we can see – There is so much beauty in the world
• Because we can hear – The music of wind whispering in the trees, the voices of loved ones, the song of birds, beautiful sonatas
• Because we can smell the fragrances of flowers, of lovely perfume, of the woods, of the ocean.
• For the internet that allows us to share and learn
• For the electric power that allows for so many conveniences
• For clean water to drink
• For clean air to breathe
• For the hardships that make us strong
• For the fun times that bring us joy

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a wonderful day. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, have an absolutely wonderful day anyway.