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Fragrant Candles to Enhance Your Life

If you buy or make fragrant candles, they will help you and your family in ways you might find surprising. Need to relax? Light a candle. Need to concentrate? Light a candle. Are you tired? Light a candle. You will need a selection of fragrant candles. Below are the fragrances you need to have on hand.

Feeling stressed?

Light vanilla fragrant candles. They are relaxing, have a wonderful aroma and will be the most likely to work for all members of your household. Another good option is lavender scented candles. Lavender is renowned for its calming ability for both men and women.

Feeling tired?

When you’re just plain exhausted, it’s time to light up those woodsy scented fragrant candles. Try cedar or cypress scented candles to lift that tired feeling away.

Need a little stimulation?

First thing in the morning to get your day off to a peppy start, light peppermint or citrus fragrant candles. You might have to experiment to find the perfect fragrance to use. If you make your own candles, you can try grapefruit, orange or lemon essential oil to scent your candles. Experimenting is a lot of fun and pays huge dividends when you start your day feeling full of energy.

Need to concentrate?

Floral fragrances aid in concentration. Orange blossom, jasmine and rose are good fragrances to try. It’s important to remember to select fragrances that do not remind you of an unpleasant or unhappy experience as these fragrances can have the opposite effect. For instance, let’s say the smell of roses reminds you of a funeral. That can be depressing. It is difficult to focus when you’re depressed, so avoid that fragrance.

In fragrant candles, you have the option of using either essential oils or fragrance oils. That makes your scent options almost endless. So make some candles or buy them, whichever you like, but make using fragrant candles an active part of your day to day life. Just remember to use due caution if you have children and pets. Place your candles strategically so the benefit of their aroma will have the most effect.

Hint: If you live with cats, wild children or general family klutziness, electric diffusers also work great.

Now go have fun and relax.

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