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Vanilla Essential Oil – A must have!

Vanilla essential oil is one of those simple, but must have oils in your repertoire of spa products. Besides having an absolutely divine fragrance, there are other benefits that make vanilla essential oil a must have.

Pure vanilla essential oil is made through CO2 distillation. A purist would define an essential oil as either steam distilled or expeller pressed. However, because CO2 distilled vanilla oil is sold as vanilla essential oil, that’s what we’re going to call it.  Vanilla is an orchid and grows as a vine that produces long stringy seed pods which are harvested to produce vanilla products including vanilla essential oil. It comes primarily from Madagascar and Indonesia though it originated in Mexico. There are three cultivar sources of vanilla: Vanilla planifolia or V. fragrans (most commonly used), V. tahitensis and V. pompona.

Why does vanilla essential oil smell sooooo good?

The scent most associated with vanilla comes mostly from vanillin. Another subtle fragrance source in the oil comes from piperonal (heliotropin) which has a vanilla cherry-like aroma.

How to use vanilla essential oil.

Well, let’s count the ways. It can and is used as a flavoring in ice cream, cakes, milkshakes, cookies, and granola bars (see recipe by clicking here [1]), etc. It can and is also used in creams, lotions, sprays, perfumes and just about any other skin product you can create.

Whether you are using vanilla essential oil, vanillin, vanilla extract, or vanilla absolute, buy the pure product. I personally don’t like using petroleum products for flavoring or on my skin and some of the synthetic vanilla flavors are made with petroleum products. You can find information on the web about how synthetic vanilla is made and, in my book, there not good enough for the goddesses coming to this site.

What are the benefits of vanilla essential oil?

A super easy vanilla essential oil massage recipe to calm a baby

To 8 teaspoons jojoba oil add 10 drops of pure vanilla essential oil. Mix well and gently massage baby’s skin. (If you haven’t used either of these oils on your baby before, do a patch test by placing a drop or two of your blend on the skin at the crook of baby’s elbow. Leave on for 24 to 48 hours. If the skin reddens, don’t use the blend.)

To make a massage oil to calm you and those you love, simply increase the vanilla oil to 20 or 30 drops per 8 teaspoons.

You can also make a wonderful linen spray with vanilla essential oil. See the linen spray recipe by clicking here [2]. Use vanilla essential oil where it calls for essential oil in the recipe.

Now go have fun and relax.