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Homemade Dog Shampoo – A must have recipe for both dogs and cats

Many of the divas that come to SpaFromScratch have dog and/or cat buddies. Did you know that you can create an awesome spa day for your pet? Well, you can. It doesn’t make a bit of difference whether you believe a dog is one of the best friends you can have or if it’s a cat.

Either way, we want to show you how to create the perfect pet spa day. First, we went on a search for the very best homemade dog or cat shampoo to keep your best buddy clean and smelling fresh. However, that wasn’t the only criteria; we wanted to keep their skin healthy and their fur looking shiny. Next, we wanted to really make the day special for them.

Guess what? We found the perfect shampoo with rave reviews. We also found the music and scent to use to give your pet a great spa experience even if your pet doesn’t like a bath.

Step 1:  Play a soft classical music CD to keep your pet calm.

Step 2:  Spray or use a diffuser to impart a calming scent such as lavender in the bath and drying area. Be calm and don’t try and rush the experience. Make it a special time between you and your cat or dog.

Homemade dog shampoo recipe (for cats too) – basic


Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP - 1 Quart (43 oz.) Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP – 1 Quart (43 oz.) [1]
Mix all ingredients together and you’ve got the perfect homemade dog shampoo.

Use tepid warm water. Hot water can make your pet itchy. Avoid getting shampoo in your pet’s eyes and ears. Also, you might want to do a patch test on your pet first particularly if he or she is prone to allergies. (Keep in mind, when you do a patch test, you must thoroughly rinse the area where the shampoo is applied.) With this homemade dog shampoo, as with any other, it’s important to rinse your dog very well after bathing.

Homemade dog shampoo recipe (for cats too) – itchy skin

Some dogs have sensitive skins and are prone to allergies. If this happens to fit your dog’s description, try adding 1 cup of colloidal oatmeal to the shampoo to soothe his irritated skin.

Colloidal oatmeal may be purchased or made at home.

To make colloidal oatmeal at home:

To make sure that the oats have been ground to the correct fineness, add a teaspoon of the ground oats to a glass of water and mix. The oats should absorb the water quickly giving it a milky look. If the particles sink readily to the bottom of the glass, grind them a bit longer and retest.

After you have finished with the shampoo, it’s time for a soothing rinse. Check out The Perfect Doggie Rinse for Spa Day [2].

If you have a cat and are concerned about losing two arms and a face when trying to bathe her, a dry shampoo might be a good alternative.

The simplest way to create a dry shampoo is to warm about a cup or two of colloidal oatmeal in the oven. Spread a sheet on the floor and massage the warm oatmeal through your cat’s fur all the way down to her skin. When you are finished, brush out the residual oatmeal. If you do happen to miss some of the oatmeal, it won’t hurt her one bit.

There, now you can have a spa day for your dog and or cat. Though they may not appreciate the whole bath thing, they’re sure to enjoy the attention, the music, and calming scent. After the bath, reward your pet with a special treat and some extra play or petting time and be sure and give him a hug from us here at SpaFromScratch.

When I’m short on time, I purchase the mollys Extra Fine Bathing Oatmeal. [3] If you decide to go this route and make a purchase from here, we make a few cents.

Now go have fun and relax.

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