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Revitalizing Linen Spray or Room Spray

Winter weather can sometimes bring on the blahs. Life itself can also induce the blahs. When this happens, it’s time for a quick solution and that is exactly what the revitalizing linen and room spray is designed to do.

It’s simple, quick to make and oh so effective.

This linen spray or room spray contains lemon and geranium essential oils. Both are heavy duty up-lifters designed to put our goddesses in good spirits in no time. If you haven’t read the post on Geranium essential oil [1], do it now and you’ll understand why it’s in this recipe. Though I haven’t spent time on the citrus based essential oils, they are noted for their energizing mood lifting qualities.

Revitalizing Linen or Room Spray



Pour ingredients into spray bottle and shake well. Spray pillows or in the air, but avoid getting mist on furniture, your skin or into food and beverages.

There, now isn’t that easy? Save this recipe and add it to your collection of must have recipes. Make this revitalizing linen spray or room spray and mist anytime you or your family members are in a gloomy mood.

Hint: Put your linen spray in decorative bottles for an awesome gift!

Now go have fun and relax.