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Essential Oils for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Occasionally life has a habit of slapping us around in all sorts of ways. It can be something totally devastating such as the loss of someone we love or bad news about a health condition. It can be a worrisome event such as the loss of a job, a foreclosure on a home or divorce. When life gets rough, even goddesses must wrestle with the situation. The proper blend of essential oils for depression, anxiety and stress will help our divas weather the tough times.

Bergamot, petit grain and sandalwood are the essential oils we will use in combination. Blends of these three oils are effective in helping you deal with depression, anxiety and stress.

Bath Oil Recipe:


10 drops bergamot essential oil

10 drops petit grain essential oil

10 drops sandalwood essential oil

4 ounces Jojoba oil (may substitute almond or grape seed)


Place Jojoba oil in bottle. To the camellia oil, add the essential oils. Gently shake bottle to blend oils. Pour oils under running bath water.

Massage Oil Recipe


4 drops bergamot essential oil (may increase to 5 drops, but start with 4)

4 drops petit grain essential oil (may increase to 5 drops, but start with 4)

4 drops sandalwood essential oil (may increase to 5 drops, but start with 4)

¼ cup Jojoba oil (may use grape seed oil)

Gently blend oils and massage into skin.

Diffuser Recipe

What you will need:

1 fan essential oil diffuser

4 drops bergamot essential oil

4 drops sandalwood essential oil

4 drops petit grain essential oil

Add essential oils to the pad and start fan.

In addition to the essential oils, practice the following basic guidelines.

For anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand, but not always. Many of our divas lead stressful lives. It appears to be a way of life in today’s society. Use the techniques below to alleviate some of the stress. You may also want to read “Really Good and Really Quick Stress Relief Techniques [1]” posted earlier.

For depression

Everyone gets depressed occasionally for a variety of reasons. However, if despite all your efforts, there is no improvement get professional help. Get professional help immediately if you start having self destructive thoughts such as suicide. Your life is much too valuable to waste.

To bring yourself out of the blues, try the following techniques

Hey all you divas, share with this community ways you have overcome stress, anxiety and/or depression. We want to hear from you.

Now go have fun and relax.

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