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Super Sexy Body Mist

This erotic body mist recipe is designed to use the bouquets of essential oils known to enhance and stimulate those all important erogenous zones. It’s easy to make and oh so fun to use. In addition to making the recipe, you might want to consider add pheromones to the mix.

Pheromones are those quiet fragrances animals emit from their bodies that attract mates. There are pheromones for him to attract her and pheromones for her to attract him. For many people a couple of drops of unscented pheromones on the wrist works wonders.


Heavier oils will take more polysorbate 20 so test for separation and keep adding a drop at a time until spray no longer separates. Take care not to add too much as the spray will become too thick.

Mix ingredients together and pour into spray bottle(s).

Tip: If you replace the water with perfumer’s alcohol you can get a clear body mist. You will have to play around with the amount of polysorbate 20 to use as that will vary with the fragrance oil you choose. Start with 4 ounces (118 ml) of perfumer’s alcohol to 1 ounce (29.5 ml) polysorbate 20. Add essential oils. Allow mixture to sit for several hours. If it doesn’t clear, add a ½ ounce (14.75 ml) more perfumer’s alcohol. Note: This is more drying to the skin than water based body mist.

When done, pour mixture into alcohol safe misting containers and you’re done.

There, now you have the perfect recipe to make a Valentines Day or for that matter, any other day one you and your lover are not likely to forget.

If you want to give pheromones a try, we recommend you use unscented Max Attraction pheromones for women. A couple of drops will do. You’ll find it here  here [1].

Now go have fun and relax.