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10 Ways to Spend a Romantic Evening on a Budget

Romance can easily slip away as couples go about the business of living their lives. In times when the economy is causing problems and life becomes stressful, it’s easy to forget all about romance. The purpose of having a romantic evening is to renew and keep the romance alive in your intimate relationships.

Regardless of which method you use to renew the romance in your relationship, it’s important to set the stage by creating the right environment. Remember romantic music and deliciously scented candles are a must. If you have children, make sure they are either in bed or with a babysitter.

Massage – Use massage oils that stimulate you and your lover’s erogenous zones. For some ideas, click here [1].

Movie & snacks – If you’re going to have a movie and snack night, select a movie that will be enjoyable to both of you. In another post, we’ve listed some of our favorites. You can check it out by clicking here [2].

Romantic board game – There are a number of romantic board games and many that are just plain fun with no romance involved. Even a simple fun board game played in the right atmosphere of favorite music, scented candles, and subdued lighting can make for a romantic evening. One really great game is “An Enchanting Evening.”

Shower together (This is great following a massage) – Gentle touching as you wash with a great scented soap adds unbelievable romantic intimacy.

Romantic spa day– We covered this one in another post. You can read it by clicking here [3].


Hide and seek game – In this game, every time one of you is found, an article of clothing must be removed by the one found. Hint: You may be surprised at how short this game ends up lasting.

Chocolate covered lover event – Chocolate is placed on your body to be licked off by your lover. Once the chocolate is licked off, it’s your lover’s turn to wear the chocolate. Romanticgifts.com [5] offers a nice selection of body paints for under $20.00. Included are chocolate, chocolate and strawberry, and a body pen pack that includes Gren Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Strawberry flavors. Follow with a nice shower together. To view their under $20.00 paints click here [6].

Take a walk – Take a leisurely walk. Parks and waterfront areas are nice for walks and help create a romantic mood. Hold hands and talk. Just make sure you avoid any conversations that are romantic mood killers. An example would be, “Now that you’ve lost your job, what are we going to do?”

Look at pictures – The pictures you’ve taken over the years can bring back romantic thoughts. For instance, you might pour over pictures you took on your honeymoon or any other romantic occasion. This experience can be wonderful and help you remember why you love one another.

Share your ideas. What keeps romance alive in your life?

Now go have fun and relax.