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Wonderful Relaxing Spa Music for You and Your Pet


Because of my schedule, my spa “day” quite often only lasts for an hour or two. However, it always includes music that relaxes and refreshes me. Maybe I was a dog in my last life or something, but music that is supposed to be relaxing for Misty and Ebony, work for me the best.  For those of you that are new here, Misty is my Yorkshire terrier pal and Ebony is my Heinz 57 Halloween cat.

Classical music is supposed to be relaxing, but I don’t find that to be always true, at least for me. If the music is too high pitched, my stress level goes up. If it’s too percussive, instead of relaxing music, it becomes depressing music.

The most awesome relaxing music for me is that which contains the sounds of nature. You know the kind. Birds are chirping. Brooks are babbling. Waves are hitting the beach. In our area we have a music station on cable titled “Soundscapes” that plays this type of relaxing music and it’s my favorite station. I listen to it during my spa time and when I’m writing (which is most of the time). I find this type of music not only helps me relax, it also helps me focus on what I’m doing.

My favorite songs come from the album Music for Pets: Secret Garden

I really like all the songs in this album, but one of my favorite melodies is Animal Wellness: Gentle Streams in a Garden. It’s a harp melody by Amy Camie from the album. It’s wonderful relaxing music that calms Ebony down when he goes all neurotic on me and tries to climb the walls. The artist is the Music for Pets Band and I haven’t found a single tune I didn’t like. All the albums play relaxing music, but some are at a slower tempo than others. I found this album and several others that I like on Amazon. This one we’ve included in our Amazon store so you can listen to a preview of the music

Misty, Ebony and I now have the same type of music to listen to on our individual spa days. I think that’s a sweet deal. I buy one album or download a single tune and all three of us benefit from soothing relaxing music.

Now go have fun and relax.

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