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What Are Your Best Spa Day Snack Ideas?

Best Snack

This post is a request. Lori and I want to know what you consider the best snacks for a spa day. There are no rules except they must taste delicious and be easy to make. We know that one person’s opinion of the best snack might be totally different from someone else. We here at Spa From Scratch know what we like, but there’s a whole world of goddesses out there that have ideas that we haven’t even thought of trying. We want to hear from you.

The best snack can vary from spa day to spa day and what follows are the snacks we particularly enjoy. Add your ideas to the comment section below and we’ll add them to the list of best snacks which we will post later.

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Our picks for the best and easiest spa day snack

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Now go have fun and relax.

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