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The Quick, Easy and Delicious Parfait Spa Snack

Summer is a great time for parfaits they’re quick, easy, delicious and cool. A parfait is a layered dessert. The word parfait has two distinct meanings if you look it up in Webster.  A parfait can be any cold dessert made up of layers of good stuff such as fruit, syrup, ice cream, whipped cream etc. A parfait can also be made with flavored custard layered in fruit, syrup or liquor.

Parfait idea #1

You can create a total berry parfait with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and any other type of berry you choose. The berries can be simply layered in a sundae glass with yogurt between layers. I’m a sugar junkie so I would sweeten the berries with a little sugar to remove the tartness and layer them with sweetened whipped cream. (Me bad.)

Parfait idea #2

You can also create a simple parfait with strawberries and bananas. Add a layer of sliced bananas then a layer of yogurt or whipped cream or cold vanilla or chocolate pudding and top with sliced strawberries. To give your parfait extra pizzazz, add two layers of each fruit.

Parfait idea #3

Mangos, pineapple and mandarin oranges also go well together and make an elegant looking parfait. The fruit can be fresh or canned (I prefer fresh). Once again, use yogurt or whipped cream.

The creamy stuff in the parfait

I usually sweeten my whipped cream and add a little vanilla to it (yum) and use sweetened yogurt between layers. What goes on the top is either the final layer of fruit or a layer of yogurt or whipped cream. If the fruit I use tends to discolor rapidly, I top it with whipped cream, yogurt or pudding. If it doesn’t turn brown, I usually top it with fruit.

Adding texture to a parfait

Texture is added by topping your parfait with granola or finely chopped nuts. I usually add a pinch of cinnamon and where my top layer is pudding, yogurt or whipped cream, I add a cherry for color.


Parfaits can be made up ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator so when guests arrive all you have to do is serve them. This won’t work if you use ice cream. In that event, you’re stuck making the parfaits so they can be served immediately. That is precisely the reason I don’t use ice cream. There’s way too much fun to be had at a spa party visiting my friends and doing spa stuff. I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen.

If you have a super special parfait recipe, share it in the comments section below. We’ll try it out and add it to our recipe section. Just be sure to give us your name so we can give you the credit.

Now go have fun and relax.

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