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Bath Salts for Dry Skin

When your skin feels dry, it’s time to take a soothing bath sooth and improve the condition. Both German chamomile and lavender essential oils are excellent remedies for dry skin and that’s why they’re included in the following awesome bath salts recipe.

Ingredients for the Bath Salts Recipe:

1/2 cup Modified Tapioca Starch

1 cup Baking soda

5 cups Dead Sea salt

1 ½ tsp Lavender essential oil

1 ½ tsp German chamomile essential oil

Soap Safe Colorant (optional)


Add essential oils to the tapioca starch and mix well.

Stir in salts to the tapioca starch/essential oil mix. Note: too much liquid colorant may start the baking soda fizzing. Colored micas may also be used by thoroughly mixing in a tiny amount at a time.

I love this recipe and hope you do too. My skin tends to be dry particularly during the winter when my furnace is working to keep me warm. However, sometimes in the summer my skin will tend to dry too. I looked for something that would work any time of year and gave this bath salts for dry skin a try. It worked beautifully.

Now go have fun and relax.

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