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Self Massage – Head and Shoulders

There is little more satisfying and relaxing than a massage done by a professional masseuse. These professionals are well worth the money as they know exactly how to loosen up those muscles and take you on a pleasant trip away from those daily stresses.

There are times when your muscles are tight and fatigued and a professional either isn’t available or isn’t affordable. That’s when you go to the second best option, self massage.

If you can, take a nice warm bath prior to your massage, your muscles will be more relaxed and pliable. An exception would be if you will be using oils on your body, then you will bathe after your massage.

There are self massage techniques for each part of your body. On your hands and feet, there are pressure points that relate to every part of your body including your internal organs. Food and hand specialists are called reflexologists.  They can sometimes do wonders.

We will discuss only one simple massage technique in this post, but all will be covered in future posts.

Your head and shoulders

Scalp massage

Make small circular motions with your fingers over your scalp area. Pay special attention to any areas that are sore or sensitive. Once you have covered your entire scalp area, repeat again 2 more times.


Reaching those tight muscles in your shoulders can be really helpful after a long stressful day. With the fingers of your right hand, gently knead the muscles of your left shoulder. Work your way from your head to your shoulder bone then back to your head. Do this at least 3 times. Then repeat the process by using your left hand to massage your right shoulder.

Stress will cause these muscles to be tight and sometimes sore. In this event apply just enough pressure to sense the tightness. Your goal is to relax the muscles not create pain. If your muscles don’t relax, you may also want to repeat the process twice.

Now go have fun and relax.

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