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Clay Body Wrap for Your Spa Day

Put on your spa day music, light your spa day candles and luxuriate in the opulence of a clay body wrap. You’ll be glad you did. This post is the recipe for the perfect spa day clay body wrap.

First select your clay.

What you will need


Before you begin combining the ingredients, decide where you are going to lay while the clay wrap is working its magic. You may want to choose your bathtub or easy to clean exercise mat. If you choose to lie on your bed, make sure you cover it well with thick absorbent towels.

There, see how easy that is. You can also change the essential oil blend you use. You might prefer Clary sage and lavender or how about jasmine and lavender. If the essential oil blend smells nice to you, is relaxing and you’re not sensitive to it, go ahead and use it.

One word of caution: If you’re pregnant, you should not use a body wrap as part of your spa day. If you have any other ailments, particularly those related to your circulatory system, clear it with your doctor first.

Now go have fun and relax.

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