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Great Gifts Kids Can Make

Kids can feel powerless when it comes to gifts they would like to give their friends and family. You can give them power when you teach them how to make delightful spa gifts. Imagine them giving delicious cherry flavored lip balms to their friends. How about a scented linen spray to give to an aunt? This post will give you a few recipes for gifts kids can make that are super cheap and loads of fun.

Recipe 1: Flavored Lip Gloss

This recipe gives meaning to the words simple and cheap gift for kids to make. Buy a stick of shortening and some flavored Kool-Aid such as strawberry or cherry. Melt the shortening then add the Kool-Aid sufficient to add flavor and color. Pour into lip balm tins and you’re done. The lip balm tins are your biggest cost.

LipBalmTubes.com [1] has really pretty colored lip balm jars for $.30 each. The jars will be a great packaging idea for the lip balm gift. You can also purchase lip balm tins for less than a dollar. You’ll find them online or possibly at your local hobby store. Nature’s Garden [2] has the slider tins for $4.15 for a pack of 10. That’s as of September 2011. You might also check your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store for containers. If you purchase there, just be sure you sterilize the containers.

Recipe 2: Lavender or rose sachet

A beautifully packaged sachet is another simple gift for kids to make. Lavender sachet makes a nice gift for any female friend or family member.

Into organza, muslin bags or you can create your own absolutely gorgeous bag buy purchasing fabric. Add enough lavender or rose potpourri to make them slightly rounded. Tie a pretty ribbon to the top and you’re done. You can make the potpourri yourself [3] or buy it. This gift will cost you less than $4 if you buy right. Check with your local craft store and online for the potpourri. Hint: you can add a drop or two of fragrance oil to give the sachet a stronger scent.

Recipe 3: Bath bombs

Bath bombs give meaning to the word fun. Since we already have a great recipe for those, I’m going to direct you to “Basic Bath Bomb Recipe [4].”

Recipe 4: Bath fizzies

Bath fizzies is another gift that kids can make that’s a lot of fun. We also have that recipe posted on this site. Check it out at “Bath Fizzies – Fun for You and the Kids [5].”


Helping a child learn to make something is a heck of a lot better than handing that child a handful of money and turning him or her loose in a store to go buy stuff. You’re actually spending some time with the kids while having a load of fun. They’ll never guess that you’re also teaching them how to be resourceful.

Now go have fun and relax.

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