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Couples Spa Day

There are literally hundreds of romantic things to do with your significant other. Something as simple as leaving a love note in a pocket, lunch box, or purse is a great romantic thing to do. Taking a walk while holding hands or snuggling together on a couch while eating popcorn and watching a movie are romantic things to do.

Trips away from the everyday turmoil and stresses of life can be very romantic. Playing in a swimming pool can be deliciously romantic. Basically, if some activity arouses feelings of love and being loved, it’s romantic. It’s also romantic when an activity arouses erotic feeling between two people.

One of the most romantic things to do is to have an intimate couples spa day experience with the one you love. There are spas designed for couples that you can visit or you can enjoy a couples spa day experience at home. If you opt to go to a commercial spa for couples, the experts there will guide you step by step. However, if you choose to have your couples spa day experience at home, read on for a way to have a wonderful time for little or no extra cost.

The elements of a couples spa day experience

  1. Pleasant aromas enhance a romantic atmosphere, Needless to say, bad smells like yesterdays fish dinner, garbage, and litter boxes can ruin a romance before it has a chance to start. So, get rid of anything that smells bad and use scented candles, potpourris, and or essential oil room sprays to create the perfect aromatic atmosphere. Take care not to make the aromas too over powering.
  2. Tasty snacks or a delicious candlelight dinner create a delectable taste experience for both of you.
  3. As mentioned above, you and your partner should see everything neat and clean. In addition, the soft warm glow of the candles will help set the right mood. Lights should be dim. There’s nothing romantic about harsh lights.
  4. Background music is important. Your choice of music will depend on what is relaxing and enjoyable to you and your partner. See our page on music to learn more.
  5. As mentioned earlier, one of the most romantic things to do involves touch. Soft or Silky linens and soft towels and robes are elements of the touch experience. However, the most important aspect of touch is when you touch one another.

Because having a couples spa day experience is one of the most romantic things to do, we thought you might like an idea how to have a spa experience with your significant other. Follow the simple guidelines below for your first time and then add your own touches to make the experience totally unique for you and your partner.

A Couples Spa Day Experience

Evenings are great times to set the stage for you and your partner to plan a spa experience, but any time is fine. You may want to begin with a romantic dinner. You know the type, nice tablecloth, dimmed lights, and candles.  On the other hand, you might want to begin later in the evening well after dinner. It’s up to you and your partner to decide.

If you do this once, you will do it again because this is one of the absolutely most romantic things to do.

Tips: In advance of your couples spa day experience, mutually decide on what fragrances you find appealing and what music to play [1].

Now go have fun and relax.

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