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Tropical Blend Massage Oil


This tropical blend massage oil is super easy to make and the fragrance will carry you to a far away tropical paradise. Our winters here in the Pacific Northwest are noted for their gloominess with many drizzly days. For this reason, we’re always looking for ways to brighten the days. Thus we’ve formulated this tropical scented massage oil.

Tropical Blend Massage Oil Recipe


¼ cup grape seed oil or jojoba oil

5 drops banana fragrance oil

10 drops pineapple fragrance oil

20 drops coconut fragrance oil


Add fragrance oils to grape seed oil and stir to blend. We like this dilution, but you can add a little more grape seed oil to soften the fragrance if you like.

Note: We used Nature’s Flavors [1] oil soluble fragrance oils for this recipe. We prefer the quality of these natural products over chemically based fragrance oils.

We’ll soon be experimenting with formulas to create the perfect diffuser oil. We’ll be sharing that with you soon.

Before using any product, either made homemade or store bought, be sure and do a skin test first for allergies.

Now go have FUN and relax.