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Make Your Own Spa Gift Baskets

Spa gift baskets make delightful gifts for any occasion. They can be purchased through various catalogs and on-line; however, those you create yourself are the best. They show you cared enough about the recipient to personally select a unique spa gift basket with only that person in mind.

There are two basic types of spa gift baskets to choose from: generic or customized. The generic basket will contain spa items that will delight most anyone. A customized spa gift basket will be just that, customized. A portion or all the basket’s contents will be selected for a specific recipient.

Spa Gift Baskets – Presentation

Regardless of which type of spa gift baskets you choose, presentation is critical. If you make the bath fizzies, soaps or other contents yourself, consider placing them in jute bags or small boxes you have wrapped for whatever occasion the gift is intended. Also, don’t forget to add attractive labels to your homemade gifts. Your spa gift basket should be a beautiful delight when it is received.

When complete, wrap the entire basket in colorful plastic wrap and top it with a bow. If you plan to ship, you will need a sturdy box and care that each breakable item in the basket is secure and protected. Shippers tend to play football a little less with packages that have a fragile label on them so be sure to add that on all sides of your shipping box.

Spa Gift Baskets – The Basket

Your spa gift baskets might be a basket, a planter or any appropriately large container. Hint: The local thrift shop is a good place to shop. Whatever type container you select should be just large enough for the contents you plan on including.

If you intend to ship the spa gift basket, remember that the heavier it is the more the shipping costs will be. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on sending bottles of creams, lotions and other heavier items. You might want to include lighter items such as potpourri and smaller bottles of lotions and creams. Hey, this is experience talking to you here.

Spa gift baskets – Contents

Whatever you include in your gift basket, make sure it follows a theme such as green tea items, honey items, lavender items, etc. It is acceptable to follow the same theme for the body and face bath items, but vary what you use for the feet. For instance, you may want to follow a lavender theme for the main theme, but have a mint theme for a foot soak.

Types of products:


Loofah/ brush/ exfoliating scarf

Snacks – candy, crackers, health snacks

Beverages – teas, gourmet coffee, wine

Music – For ideas click here. [1]

The following items that go into a gift basket may be purchased or you can make yourself for that additional personal touch. If you want to create gift basket items yourself, click on the following links:

Lotions/creams [2]

Bath salts, bombs, beads, fizzies [3]

Soap, liquid soap [4]

Potpourris [5]

Candles [6]

Scented room or linen sprays [7]

Bubble bath

Body Powder [8]

Bath Oil [9]

Bath Splash [10]

Massage Oil [11]

Scrubs, masks [12]

Lip balm or gloss [13]

Spa gift basket #1

(use 12″ Planter or similar sized basket)

Spa Gift basket #2 (Use 18” – 20” basket or other container)

Spa Gift basket #3

Spa Gift Basket #4

(Use a 14” basket, planter or other container)

These are just 4 ideas to get you started. The possibilities are limitless. You can mix and match at will. What could be more fun than making your own spa gift baskets and then giving them away as gifts? If you don’t have time to make them yourself, you can purchase them from someone in your area that does.

Now go have fun and relax.

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