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Cinnamon Essential Oil – Oh So Sexy Reed Diffuser

What’s so sexy about cinnamon essential oil? Answer: the fragrance. It’s a total turn on to most guys. It’s been used in concoctions throughout history as a stimulant to the male libido. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go around smelling like a cinnamon roll, there are other more subtle ways to say yes with a fragrance. Used in a diffuser, cinnamon essential oil offers the best results. Cinnamon essential oil comes in two forms; cinnamon leaf and cinnamon bark. The bark has the scent closest to what you have in your kitchen.

By the way, the cinnamon you have in your kitchen is probably acacia cinnamon and that’s not the best to use in your diffuser. First, it’s not an oil and therefore won’t dispense well in your diffuser. Secondly, it’s  a lower grade cinnamon than that used to make cinnamon essential oil.

How to build your own “Sexy Reed Diffuser”:

To build a diffuser and save cash, you will need a vase, jar or bottle with a wide enough neck to hold the diffuser reeds. We recommend a decorative cobalt blue bottle because it’s pretty to look at and won’t show the cinnamon essential oil’s yellow color. The dark color also protects the oil from UV light. Amber bottles work well also, but they’re not quite as pretty (my opinion).


Fill bottle about ¾ full with a mix 12 – 15 drops cinnamon essential oil and ¼ cup carrier oil (sweet almond, jojoba and canola oils work well) and 1 tbsp cheap vodka. Stir or shake gently, add reeds and you’re almost done.

Once the aroma starts to infuse the nooks and crannies of your room, beware what happens when he comes through the door. Providing you don’t beam him over the head for not taking out the trash, the cinnamon essential oil fragrance will help to get the blood flowing.

P.S. Did you know that in one study, the aroma of pumpkin pie and lavender increased penile blood flow in 40% of the men that were tested.

Now go have fun and relax.

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