Bath Fizzies – Fun for You and the Kids

Bath fizzies and bath bombs are the ultimate fun experience for you and the kids in your family. They’re simple, inexpensive and make delightful gifts. Bath fizzies are particularly fun because they can be in just about any shape and color that you can imagine.

You only need a few simple ingredients make bath fizzies. After mixing these initial ingredients the fun really begins as you launch into the creative part of the project. I’ve included one simple recipe below. Enjoy.

Before you begin this project, purchase either candy molds or 2 oz soap molds. You can also use small muffin pans, but I don’t think the fizzies come out near as cute.

Moisturizing Bath Fizzies Recipe

You will need:

• Sealed glass container, colored tissue paper or organza bags to put your fizzies in when they’re ready.
• 1 cup baking soda
• ½ cup citric acid
• 20 drops of essential oil(s) Lavender for relaxing, ginger as a warm fall fragrance, citrus for invigoration are all good choices.
• Witch Hazel in spray bottle
• 2 ½ Tbsp sweet almond oil
• Colorant – You can use food colorings (sparingly), frosting colorant, soap safe colorant. or skin safe oxides (dry colorant).
• ¾ Tbsp water

1. Into one bowl mix very well the baking soda and citric acid, Make sure there are no lumps.

2. Mix together the essential oil(s), sweet almond oil,  and liquid colorant. Note: if you’re using a powder colorant, mix with the other dry ingredients above.

3. Press mixture firmly into molds.

4. Turn molds upside down on lined cookie sheet spritzed with witch hazel and allow to harden. Turn them over and spritz them on the bottom. Allow to dry. Now you’re ready to package and tie with a bow as a gift or store in a sealed jar. The color will add pizzazz to your bathroom and they will be handy for use.

Now go have fun and relax.

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4 thoughts on “Bath Fizzies – Fun for You and the Kids

    1. I tell ya sista witch hazel? REALLY?!! I found another recipe were all you need was some baking powder and drink mix!!!!! (like sugar powder brands like bendy straw, kool aid, etc.) Buy the kind that comes in a tiny package or a container 1: take the baking powder and add 1-2 tablespoons water and stir them together in a bowl. 2: pour the mixture on a paper plate.3: pour the drink mix in the mixture and stir. 4: roll the mixture in to the size of mini snowballs or tiny circles. 5: make a relaxing bowl of steamy hot water and drop your bath. Bombs in you should see your bath bombs make a little explosion (see the bath bomb drop to the bottom of your bowl and disolve in to bubbles and watch them go up.) and enjoy!!!

      1. Thank you so much for that easy to do recipe for bath fizz….I was looking everywhere for an easy koolaid recipe and i found it here with your comment! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

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