Best Tanning Lotion 2010

The sun is coming, the sun is coming. I just know it is because I saw it peeking through the clouds yesterday. This last winter I have to admit I was envious of our goddesses that come to us from bright sunny parts of the world. With the promise of sunshine, it’s time to do my annual review of the best tanning lotion. Why examine tanning lotions each year? Because companies can change formulas and it’s important to know which is the best tanning lotion to slather on my winter pale skin?

Best tanning lotion

After examining literally hundreds of sun block products, I’ve decided to use Hawaiian Tropic Faces Oil Free Sunblock. It’s SPF 30 and that’s what I need to keep from burning. I also like the idea that it’s oil free. So many of the sunblocks and lotions I’ve used in the past are really greasy. I normally tan easily and like the nice healthy look that a tan gives me and that’s good. However, the skin damage that comes with that including a higher risk of skin cancer and wrinkles, that’s not so good. Remember a tan is another word for a scar. To get the glow without the high price I’ll also be using a self tanner to give my skin that healthy glow. I already reviewed self tanners and will be using Ocean Potion Suncare Everglow Daily Moisturizer. If you decide to try these products and can’t find them in your local stores, they’re available online.

What you need to know

There are a couple of things I’d like to mention. Be sure and wear sun protection on your eyes and lips. If you don’t protect your eyes you increase your risk of cataracts. Also, if you have children, protect them from the sun. Not doing so doubles their risk of skin cancer later in life. Finally, if you are lucky and have dark skin, the melanin in your skin offers you some protection from the sun. The emphasis here is on the word “some.” Yes, you and your kids should also wear sunscreen.

We here at SpaFromScratch offer all kinds of posts to enhance your beauty, but we also want you to be safe. Why? Because we love each and every one of you. Be sure and let the community here know about your experiences with self tanners and sun block lotions.

Now go have fun and relax.

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