A Special Gift for Dad This Father’s Day

Instead of a new tool or tie, why not treat Dad to his own special customized spa day complete with back massage, foot massage and his favorite food and beverage. Depending on how you do it, this Father’s Day can not only economical, but one of the most memorable Father’s Days of his life.

Anti Aging Spa Snacks

Anti aging snacks can be the perfect addition to a spa day or a spa party, particularly if you happen to be 35 or older. Now that doesn’t mean these snacks have to be dull and unappetizing. They can be totally yummy and fun.

Clay Body Wrap for Your Spa Day

Put on your spa day music, light your spa day candles and luxuriate in the opulence of a clay body wrap. You’ll be glad you did. This post is the recipe for the perfect spa day clay body wrap.

Spa Day Treatments – The Muds

For eons, mud baths have been used as a spa day treatment. Their medicinal benefits have been debated for a long time. Mud baths, mud wraps and mud facials are popular spa day treatments that many swear makes their skin feel softer, eases arthritis pain and relaxes the body. This post covers the three main types of mud used in a spa day treatment. Oh and yes, you can enjoy a mud bath as part of your personal spa day at home.

Indoor Plants That Enhance Your Spa Day Experience

We talk a lot about scent and color to enhance your spa day experience. The topic of indoor house plants is not usually found in reference to a spa day, but it should be. Indoor plants can have a profound effect on your senses and make your spa day and every day a more beautiful, fragrant and healthy experience.

Don’t Have Time for a Spa Day? Think Again

All goddesses need to make time for a spa day. This post is for those who don’t think they have the time or think that having a spa day is too self-indulgent. Do you remember the fable about the farmer with the goose that laid the golden eggs?

Spa Bathroom Décor – Don’t Forget the Flowers

You wake up in the morning and the first place you head is the bathroom. That one room is your first impression of every day and it’s at the heart of your spa day. It’s the room where you enjoy soothing baths. It’s the room where you caress those skin nurturing creams on to your body. It’s the room where many apply makeup. It should also be the room that will give you a little emotional boost every time you enter. That is exactly the reason why, when you consider bathroom décor, you don’t want to forget the flowers.

Super Easy Delectable Apple Recipe with Anti-Allergy Benefits

There’s nothing like a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing to dampen the spirits of even the most optimistic goddess. However, this super easy, super quick apple recipe not only tastes wonderful, it also holds anti-allergy benefits.

Delectable Spa Snacks

We’re all atwitter here in Seattle. Why? Because we have had two whole days of sunshine in a row. Imagine that; two whole days. Wow. So I immediately started thinking about summertime spa snacks. Then it dawned on me, for some of our goddesses that visit our site, they’re entering into their winter season. With that in mind, I’m presenting a few spa snack ideas for both summer and winter.

What Are Your Best Spa Day Snack Ideas?

This post is a request. Lori and I want to know what you consider the best snacks for a spa day. There are no rules except they must taste delicious and be easy to make. The following are a few of our favorite snacks.

Spa Day at Home Movie Recommends

Sometimes it’s nice to watch a good movie while having your spa day or throwing a spa party. So, we came up with a list of our personal favorites for you.

Homemade Spa Day

A homemade spa day is the perfect way to pull back from the day to day stresses that drive many of us to seek relief from drug therapies and psychologists. Think of this special day as a much needed therapy that will enable you to move forward with a clear mind and relaxed body.

Elizabeth’s Magic Spa Day

Elizabeth is a stay-at-home caregiver. See how she creates her perfect spa day.

Barbara’s Home Spa Day Secret

Barbara is a single working mom with school age children. See how Barbara created her perfect homemade spa day.

Linda’s Homemade Spa Day

Linda is a single working woman who lives alone. See how Linda created her perfect spa day.

Patricia’s Homemade Spa Day

Patricia is a married homemaker and has one child. Her husband makes a good living as an engineer. See how Patricia created her perfect spa day.

Mary’s Spa Day

Mary is a married homemaker with children and she works outside the home. See how she created her perfect spa day on a small budget.