The Quest for a Safe Nail Polish

It seems like I’m kinda’ on a roll about fingernail health. It’s probably my obsessive nature that makes me hang on like a bull dog when I want to find a solution to a problem. The problem is how to keep fingernails (and toenails) looking great in a non-toxic way; thus the quest for a safe nail polish.

Save Your Fingernails with Nail-Aid Base Coat

I’m constantly sticking my hands in dirt a la flower garden, dish water, paint etc. and my fingernails tend to look awful. Some of them are long, some are short and some are crooked from where they have broken off. That said, I’ve been on a quest for a good product to get my nails in shape. After all, a Spa From Scratch representative can’t go around with ugly looking fingernails. Fortunately for me, I’ve found a base coat I’m sure I’m going to love and it’s not even expensive. The product is Nail-Aid.

Foot Massage and Foot Reflexology Benefits

The first time I had a foot massage, I thought I’d just been transported to paradise. My sister-in-law, an accomplished foot reflexologist, gave me that massage while explaining why I had a few ouches when she applied pressure to various parts of my foot. After that foot massage I was sold.

“Ask the Experts” on SpaFromScratch Is Now Live

If you have a problem that pertains to your skin, hair or nails, it’s important to get accurate information. It has always been our objective to provide you with this service and now it’s up and running. You can be assured that all the information is provided by professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

Fingernail Ridges – Make Them Go Away

As you gaze down at what should be your beautiful nails you see ugly lines created by fingernail ridges. “How can I make the bad thing go away?” You lament. Well, it may not be all that difficult. With a little effort on your part, your fingernails can be as gorgeous as you, the goddess, deserves.

How to Give Yourself a Quick Pedicure

Well cared for feet are not only healthier, they’re much nicer to look at bare than those that are unsightly and unkempt. Your feet are another part of the beautiful you.