Homemade Bath Salts – What you need to know

There are thousands of articles on homemade bath salts on the internet. Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation and hype out there in the cyber world as marketers try and sell you their products. You’re not going to find that here. In fact, you’re never going to find that on this site. We think our readers deserve better. Ready, set, let’s do some exploring into the ingredients that go into homemade bath salts!

Dead Sea Salt Benefits

The ancients thought bathing in the Dead Sea was beneficial, but what about science? Well, as it happens, there has been quite a bit of scientific research into Dead Sea salt benefits and the scientists agree that there are definitely Dead Sea salt benefits.

Why an Epsom Salt Bath?

Does an Epsom Salt bath really do everything from relieving stress to curing disease? You will read on the internet that it does. You will also read that magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) is not a salt, but a great cheap ingredient to use when making bath salts. The information you read is only partially true.

Enjoy a Perfect Bath

You can turn any bath into a mini spa experience with just a tiny bit of effort. By doing this, your bath will become a time to totally relax and enjoy being alive. It will be a time to let the challenges of the day melt away. And it will be a time to rejuvenate your body and spirit.