Doggie Spa Party

If you’re one of those people like me who loves to cater to your dog, consider sponsoring a doggie spa party for him or her. It can be loads of fun for both you and your dog.

Keeping Your Dog or Cat Cool – Should You Worry?

During hot weather many pet owners worry about their pets overheating. Should those of us that are worry warts about the comfort of our pets be concerned? I decided to do a little research, get the facts and then share them with you.

Doggy Spa at Home

Sure, I can load my little Yorkshire terrier, Misty, into the car and haul her to the groomers. It would be so much easier and faster than trying to do it myself. However, I’ve found that Misty is more comfortable at home and she loves the extra time and attention from me.

Clean Dog’s Ears – A Puppy Spa Day Must

A spa day for your best friend doesn’t necessarily have to be a bath. It can include brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and misting with a wonderful fragrance. Proper cleaning of your dog’s ears is particularly important as it helps to thwart infections.

Dog’s Dry Skin – Causes & Treatments

It’s winter and you’re busy slathering your body with lotions and creams to ward off the dry skin that winter often brings, but is dry skin also a problem for your dog? Dry skin is a common problem with dogs, so it’s important to know what to look for and how treat it.

Music for Dogs

The three dogs in my life are hyper Misty, out of control Penny and neurotic Tripper. Misty, my Yorkshire terrier lives at my house and has two speeds run and sleep. Mostly run. Penny is an Australian Shepherd who lives with my partner, Lori. Penny is bounce off the wall energetic. Tripper is a neurotic Blue Heeler who lives with my friend Jim. All three of these dogs have one thing in common; music calms the wild beast in them. That’s why this post on music for dogs.

Cat Treat Recipes for Kitty’s Spa Day

A spa day for your cat should include brushing, nail trimming if necessary, a dry shampoo and more brushing. All that is followed by her having delicious and healthy treats to savor. I’ve provided you with a couple of recipes to make her treats.

Healthy Doggie Spa Day Treats

I was just checking the ingredients on a box of dog treats that are supposed to be good for my little Yorkie, Misty. The unhealthy ingredients include bacon fat (nitrites), sodium metabisulphite (preservative), artificial sausage flavor (synthetic chemical), red 40, blue 1, yellow 6 and yellow 5. That’s too much bad stuff.

The Perfect Doggie Rinse for Spa Day

Once you’ve got your dog nice and clean, it’s a good idea to rinse him or her with a soothing rinse. I’ve included two recipes. One is for a chamomile tea after shampoo rinse and the other is for a colloidal oatmeal rinse.

Homemade Dog Shampoo – A must have recipe for both dogs and cats

Many of the divas that come to SpaFromScratch have canine and or feline buddies. Did you know that you can create an awesome spa day for your pet? Well you can. It doesn’t make a bit of difference whether you believe a dog is one of the best friends you can have or if it’s a cat.