The Magic of Oats

Today we’re still discovering all the magic contained in oats. So this post is for you whether you are using oats in skin and hair formulations or for eating. It’s for you if you want to know whether you should purchase steel cut oats or rolled oats. It’s for you to discover the magic of oats.

Sun Safety Tips and Me in Hot Water

This post was originally going to rate the best sunscreens for this year. However, after extensive research I’ve decided to change it to a post I think will be more beneficial. It contains the latest sun safety tips, but additional information I think will be useful albeit somewhat controversial.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Coco-sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate

These three chemicals are found in personal care products including toothpaste, but there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation (no news there) on their differences and safety. This post is designed to clear up the mystery for our goddesses.

Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

Coconut oil for skin and hair is my third and final post on this subject, at least until new research presents itself. In this post we cover the external use of coconut oil as an additive to your hair care products and its benefits to your skin when applied topically. If you haven’t done so already, be sure and read the other two posts.

Vitamin E – Facts and Fiction

You will read a plethora of information on the benefits of vitamin E both as a supplement and as a preservative. The question is how much of what you read is true and how much is hype? Hype not only misleads, but can be detrimental.

How much do bath and aromatherapy products cost to make?

There’s a lot of talk online about how much money you can save by making your own bath and aromatherapy products such as lotions, gels, creams, soaps and so forth. The purpose of this post is to take a closer look at the money you will need to spend to make your own products? Is there really a big savings or is it a lot of hype to get you to buy somebody’s product?

Crystal’s Anti-acne Treatment

Crystal, one of our totally amazing goddesses, shared this anti-acne treatment that she swears by. Thank you Crystal for this wonderful acne treatment. We always love to hear from our readers.

Amazing Body Lotion Recipe for Dry Damaged Skin

If your skin is dry and damaged this body lotion recipe is for you. The ingredients are formulated not just to moisturize, but to repair damaged skin as well. The aloe vera gel is wonderful for healing and rejuvenating the skin. Camellia oil is also great for rejuvenating the skin. Coconut oil and cocoa butter are perfect emollients, and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Ylang ylang soothes the skin and serves as a skin conditioner helping to hold moisture in.

Massage Oil to Heal Your Skin

We already know a massage can totally lift stress right out of your body, but why not make the oil used for your massage do double duty. Why not use the massage oil to heal your skin? If you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, bruising or irritated skin, whip up this easy massage oil and instruct your masseuse to use it.

Bath Salts for Dry Skin

When your skin feels dry, it’s time to take a soothing bath sooth and improve the condition. Both German chamomile and lavender essential oils are excellent remedies for dry skin and that’s why they’re included in the following awesome bath salts recipe.

Should You Use Petroleum Jelly on Your Skin?

It’s amazing how much conflicting information you read on the use of various skin care products. Today we’re going to discuss the facts and fiction out there on the use of petroleum jelly in skin care products. Petroleum jelly may be in the commercial bath and beauty products you buy or in homemade creams and salves. The question is should you use it?

Say No to Razor Bumps

It’s summer and time for shorts and bikinis. It’s time to keep legs shaved all the way up to that delicate area known as the bikini line. Razor bumps from shaving these areas definitely do not produce the desired effect. So, we have to just say no to razor bumps.

Aloe Vera Works Best for Burns – Thank You Scientists of Iran

It’s summer, at least here in the US, and people are swarming to beaches and parks with bare skin exposed. Some of these folks are going to come home with sunburns. It’s no secret that aloe vera gel has been used for centuries to treat burns, but now, thanks to a group of scientists at the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran, there is evidence that it works better than a commonly used burn medication.

Is DMAE Safe to Use?

Wrinkles be gone. That’s the miracle DMAE is supposed to perform. Then comes the big question. Is DMAE safe to use?

Stings and Bites – Say No to Itches and Ugly Bumps

Since stinging, biting bugs have no respect for a goddess that cares about the appearance of her skin. This post is how to make the itchy and sometimes painful stings and bites go away

What Causes Stretch Marks?

The short answer to what causes stretch marks is that the skin forms scars due to stretching. These scars your doctor will call striae and everyone else calls them stretch marks. But wait, there’s more. Let’s take a closer look at the underlying causes of stretch marks and just maybe we can prevent or lessen them.

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Honey has been used for eons as a cure for an assortment of maladies. Its antibacterial properties are undisputed. Its skin benefits are renowned. The big question is why should someone use manuka honey? What are the unique benefits of manuka honey that make it special?

Treating Sunburn

No matter how much our doctors harp at us about avoiding sunburn, some of us are going to end up with sunburn anyway. It might be because we forgot to apply our lotion. It might be because we stuck our arms out the open window of our car. It might be because we pay no attention to what our doctors tell us. We know people ignore what medicine teaches because there are still adult smokers. Regardless of the reason we get our sunburns, whether accidental or excuseless (like in my case) it’s good to know how to go about treating sunburn.

Dry Elbows – Causes and Treatments

You’re all dressed up and ready to go. You look in the mirror. Your hair and make up are perfect. Your outfit is perfect. Then to your horror you notice that your elbows are dry, discolored and crusty making them look like they haven’t been washed in years. What you probably have is a simple case of dry elbows, an easily fixable problem that plagues goddesses throughout the world.

Anti Aging Body Lotion Recipe

Magic potions are hard to find, but the following anti aging body lotion recipe comes as close as possible. The ingredients in this recipe are noted for their ability to nourish your skin and to help eradicate wrinkles.

Best Tanning Lotion 2010

With the promise of sunshine, it’s time to do my annual review of the best tanning lotion. Why examine tanning lotions each year? Because companies can change formulas and it’s important to know which is the best tanning lotion to slather on my winter pale skin?

Stretch Mark Therapy Reviews

These stretch mark therapy reviews are based on a rating of “A” or “B” with “A” being the highest rating. I begin with products to prevent stretch marks followed by actual stretch mark therapy reviews. Why did I do this? I did it because it’s much easier to prevent stretch marks than to cure them.

Self Tanner Reviews 2011

There are about a zillion self tanning lotions on the market today. It’s an understatement to say it’s confusing to know which one is the best self tanner. Based on product quality, performance, price and user reviews, I am recommending the best self tanner and five others that come in at close seconds. The following self tanner reviews are organized from the most favorable to the least favorable.

Two Lotion Recipes and One Really Cool Surprise

Most lotion recipes call for water as one of the ingredients. If you use water, you must use a preservative or your lotion will grow microbes. If your lotion grows microbes, it becomes unfit for you to use and can afford you a nice liability suit if you’ve sold it to someone. The answer to the dilemma is to create a solid lotion.

Wheat Germ Benefits – Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

There’s been a lot of hype about adding wheat germ to the diet. Some of it is true, some based strictly on testimonials, and some just hype. In this post, I’ve attempted to ferret out the facts from the fiction.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – A Giant No No

Go through all your cosmetics, shampoos and toothpaste. If any of them contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), pitch them out. They damage your skin, hair and health. Bad juju.

Have Dry Sensitive Skin? Here’s an Easy Fix.

When winter comes around, so does dry skin. This is particularly hard on those of us who not only have dry skin, but also sensitive skin. We have to be careful what we glop on our faces to keep them moisturized or we may well wish dry skin was our only problem. Fortunately there’s inexpensive and very effective solutions for the dry sensitive skin issue.

Colloidal Oatmeal – A Really Really Simple Bath for Dry Itchy Skin

Sometimes even goddesses have itchy skin. It might be because she is plagued with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or a rash caused by poison ivy or another contact allergen. It might also be caused by those pesky mosquitoes or other insect bites. Whatever the cause, try a soothing oatmeal bath to calm that angry skin.

“Ask the Experts” on SpaFromScratch Is Now Live

If you have a problem that pertains to your skin, hair or nails, it’s important to get accurate information. It has always been our objective to provide you with this service and now it’s up and running. You can be assured that all the information is provided by professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

Rooibus (red tea) Body Lotion

Today you get an awesome Rooibus (red tea) body lotion recipe worthy of the goddesses that spend time here. If you haven’t done so, be sure and check Red Tea, White Tea, Green Tea: A Comparison. Once you read that, you’ll understand the why of this recipe.

The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

When you climb out of the tub or shower, your skin feels so supple and fresh. However, if you have dry or mature skin that feeling soon disappears. In its place often comes flaky unhealthy looking skin that no goddess deserves. This recipe produces a luxurious and all natural cream that is the very best moisturizer for dry skin.

Building Collagen with Silicon

So what’s the big deal about silicon anyway? It’s a very big deal to keeping your skin healthy and young. Let’s take a look at the role silicon plays in building collagen so you can have a better understanding of just how important it is.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil – Just the Facts

You will find all sorts of claims for carrot seed oil if you do a Google search for carrot seed oil. We’re going to explore these claims and try to come to some kind of conclusion as to what is fact and what is pure folklore.

Jojoba Oil – What You Need To Know

Jojoba oil is one of my favorites. Actually, Jojoba “oil” pronounced (Ho-Ho-Ba), isn’t really oil at all, but a wax ester. However, it looks and feels like an oil so I’m going to go right on referring to it as an oil. Anyway, jojoba is more spendy than olive oil (another one of my favorites), but most closely matches the natural oil (sebum) in human skin. That’s one of the reasons you’ll see this oil in a lot of the recipes on this site. But wait!! There’s more, lots more reasons I love this oil.

Vitiligo Cosmetics – What and What Doesn’t Work to Cover Skin Flaws?

If you have vitiligo, tattoos, scars, birthmarks or dark patches on your skin, you can cover them up to get that flawless complexion of the stars. Yes, the stars you see on TV and in the movies use cover up cosmetics because they have the same skin conditions that plague the rest of us.

Vitiligo Treatment – The Alternative Approach

At present there are only theories as to what causes vitiligo. The good news is that scientists across the globe are scrambling to find the cause in order to enact the best vitiligo treatment. In researching for this article, I found it illuminating that in ancient texts there are points of intersection which may give clues as to the cause of vitiligo.

Vitiligo Treatment – Medical Treatments

Vitiligo pronounced (vit-ill-EYE-go) is a condition afflicting 40 – 50 million people worldwide. If there is no other condition causing you to depigment, your doctor may attempt the treatments that follow.

Cheap Beauty Products Are the Best

Ever heard of k.i.s.s.? It’s an acronym for ‘keep it simple stupid’. In my humble opinion, that’s the best approach to beauty products. Now, don’t go running off into the sunset screaming obscenities at me until you hear me out. Creating cheap beauty products is not the only reason the k.i.s.s. approach is best. You can have products that are effective, healthy and cheap. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Camellia Oil or Olive Oil – Which is best?

Both camellia (tea) oil and olive oil have unique properties that make them the best for some applications, but not for others. So, if someone were to hold a gun to my head and make me choose between these two oils, I’d probably end up dead.

Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care – Houston We Have a Problem

Did you know you may be slathering cancer causing creams on your body? Did you know that you may be gently rubbing your baby’s skin with products that can create developmental problems? Did you know that many “natural” products contain these toxic ingredients? Did you know that some “organic” products also contain these substances?

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Hooray! Good science. Not only is sea buckthorn oil wonderful for your body and skin, there’s good science to back up the claims. We sometimes have to really dig to find valid evidence to substantiate claims on the benefits of beauty and health oils, herbs, essences and so on. Let’s face it, there’s no money for research in something that can’t be patented with eyes on future profit. Not so with sea buckthorn oil for reasons you will soon discover.

Winter Eczema (Winter Itch)

If you’re reading this, chances are you have winter eczema or someone you know and care about has it. You are probably interested in knowing what it is and what causes it, but you definitely want to know what do about it.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne – Easy Gel Recipe

If you’re using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, you’re not doing your skin any favors. In fact, it dries and damages skin and can actually make acne worse. Why not switch to tea tree oil for acne and get all the benefits with few if any side effects?

Homemade Acne Treatments that Work

Avoid damaging prescription and over the counter acne medications. Try these homemade acne treatments.

Declare War on Acne and Win

If you have a Mount Etna that’s trying to erupt on your face, you want it gone. You don’t care whether it’s caused by a hormone, a microbe or you’re uncle’s genes. Just make the bad thing go away.

Dead Sea Salt Benefits

The ancients thought bathing in the Dead Sea was beneficial, but what about science? Well, as it happens, there has been quite a bit of scientific research into Dead Sea salt benefits and the scientists agree that there are definitely Dead Sea salt benefits.

Why an Epsom Salt Bath?

Does an Epsom Salt bath really do everything from relieving stress to curing disease? You will read on the internet that it does. You will also read that magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) is not a salt, but a great cheap ingredient to use when making bath salts. The information you read is only partially true.

The 11 Steps to Beautiful Skin – Anti Aging Skin Treatment

There are very few, if any of us that relish the thought of having our skin resemble a prune. Yet, we often do the very things that make that happen. The best anti-aging skin treatment involves a holistic process. Your skin interacts with your whole body; therefore to have beautiful radiant skin a holistic approach must be used.

Are You Dead On The Outside? Exfoliate your skin!

If don’t regularly exfoliate your skin, you might just be walking around leaving little pieces of yourself here and there. Did you know that over a lifetime you will lose about 40 pounds of dead skin? Ewwww.

All Purpose Lavender Face & Body Lotion Recipe

The following is a basic lotion recipe that’s healthy for your skin, but it’s just a beginning.