Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – A Giant No No

Go through all your cosmetics, shampoos and toothpaste. If any of them contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), pitch them out. They damage your skin, hair and health. Bad juju.

“Ask the Experts” on SpaFromScratch Is Now Live

If you have a problem that pertains to your skin, hair or nails, it’s important to get accurate information. It has always been our objective to provide you with this service and now it’s up and running. You can be assured that all the information is provided by professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

Jojoba Oil – What You Need To Know

Jojoba oil is one of my favorites. Actually, Jojoba “oil” pronounced (Ho-Ho-Ba), isn’t really oil at all, but a wax ester. However, it looks and feels like an oil so I’m going to go right on referring to it as an oil. Anyway, jojoba is more spendy than olive oil (another one of my favorites), but most closely matches the natural oil (sebum) in human skin. That’s one of the reasons you’ll see this oil in a lot of the recipes on this site. But wait!! There’s more, lots more reasons I love this oil.

The Dangers in Lip Balm Use

Bet you didn’t know that something as innocuous as lip balm can be dangerous. Well, under certain circumstances it can.

Lips, Lip Balm and Sex

Wait a minute. What do lips and lip balm have to do with sex? Answer: everything. Let’s start with sex.

Lip Balm Addiction – Is It Real?

Sharon is a CPA working in Seattle, she is also an addict. She’s addicted to lip balm. When Sharon wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is reach over on her night stand and grabs her lip balm. After applying it to her lips she takes her morning shower. As soon as she climbs out of the shower, she removes the tin of lip balm from the medicine cabinet and applies it a second time.