Valentine’s Day Bath Bomb Hearts Recipe

The other day I was downtown shopping and spotted those little Valentine candies that have little love notes written on them. That’s when inspiration struck. Why not make Valentine’s Day bath bomb hearts. What follow are the results of that inspiration.

Glowing Skull Bath Bomb Recipe

Glowing skull bath bombs are both fun and easy to make. This is one recipe that your friends and family are sure to remember. I have had many requests for this particular bath bomb. The beauty of it is, unlike most holiday knickknacks which need to be stored, this decoration can be used for a refreshing, soothing and glowing bath.

Easy Homemade Bubble Bath

A nice warm bath is a soothing experience anytime. When you create a homemade bubble bath, it’s doubly wonderful because you can relieve your achy muscles and tired mind at the same time with essential oils. This post offers three recipes varying only in the essential oils used.

Festive Multicolored Bath Beads

Create awesome, festive bath beads that will lift your spirits and help you get a grip on things when life smacks you around. The festive multicolored bath bead recipe is loads of fun to create and makes a delightful gift.

Bath Fizzies – Fun for You and the Kids

Bath fizzies and bath bombs are the ultimate fun experience for you and the kids in your family. They’re simple, inexpensive and make delightful gifts.

Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs

There is nothing more fun than making deliciously fragrant Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs as a special treat for your friends on Halloween. The kids can help too.

Make Your Own Bath Beads

A bath bead is a bead you put in your bath. Duh! Actually it’s a confusing couple of words because there are bath beads you can make yourself and there are the oil filled gel beads you can buy.