Colloidal Oatmeal Cream Recipe

This is my favorite moisturizing cream recipe yet. I highly recommend this formulation for dry, damaged skin and/or winters itch. I LOVE it! Besides being all natural, this colloidal oatmeal cream recipe contains ingredients that will help protect, soften, nourish, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Making your own homemade cream is fun, rewarding and easy. Use this on your face, hands and body. Your skin will love you for it.

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Honey has been used for eons as a cure for an assortment of maladies. Its antibacterial properties are undisputed. Its skin benefits are renowned. The big question is why should someone use manuka honey? What are the unique benefits of manuka honey that make it special?

Vitamin C Serum Recipe

A vitamin C serum recipe can be very simple or quite complex as you will soon see. Whatever recipe you choose to use, one thing is certain. The benefits and cost savings when you create your own vitamin C serum will make for a very happy day. Vitamin C serums can be expensive coming in at well over $100 for a small jar. With a good vitamin C serum recipe you can create your own serum for a few dollars.

Anti Aging Body Lotion Recipe

Magic potions are hard to find, but the following anti aging body lotion recipe comes as close as possible. The ingredients in this recipe are noted for their ability to nourish your skin and to help eradicate wrinkles.

Two Lotion Recipes and One Really Cool Surprise

Most lotion recipes call for water as one of the ingredients. If you use water, you must use a preservative or your lotion will grow microbes. If your lotion grows microbes, it becomes unfit for you to use and can afford you a nice liability suit if you’ve sold it to someone. The answer to the dilemma is to create a solid lotion.

How to Preserve Your Bath and Body Creations

If you make your bath and body products for yourself, or to give as gifts or to sell, it’s critical to understand how to safely preserve them. There are a number of preservatives that I consider down right unsafe to use.

Have Dry Sensitive Skin? Here’s an Easy Fix.

When winter comes around, so does dry skin. This is particularly hard on those of us who not only have dry skin, but also sensitive skin. We have to be careful what we glop on our faces to keep them moisturized or we may well wish dry skin was our only problem. Fortunately there’s inexpensive and very effective solutions for the dry sensitive skin issue.

Rooibus (red tea) Body Lotion

Today you get an awesome Rooibus (red tea) body lotion recipe worthy of the goddesses that spend time here. If you haven’t done so, be sure and check Red Tea, White Tea, Green Tea: A Comparison. Once you read that, you’ll understand the why of this recipe.

Two Awesome Anti-wrinkle Creams You Can Make Yourself

Don’t spend a lot of money on commercial anti-wrinkle creams that are loaded with chemicals that do your skin no good. You can create your own formulas using ingredients that are a lot less expensive and more importantly, work. The following two recipes are just a starting point to future discoveries.

Super Simple after Shave Lotion Recipe for Men

Happy Man is a wonderful astringent after shave lotion that refreshes and heals a man’s skin while giving him a divine scent. He will enjoy the masculine fragrance of sandalwood in this lotion and so will the women he meets.

The Best Hand Cream

Our hands get a lot of abuse as we go about our daily tasks. Our hands truly deserve some tender loving care with the best hand cream we can get.

All Purpose Lavender Face & Body Lotion Recipe

The following is a basic lotion recipe that’s healthy for your skin, but it’s just a beginning.

Luxurious Homemade Lotion Recipe for the Body

Like all the other spa products, there are million of recipes to try. This one of our absolute favorites. Besides being all natural, this homemade lotion recipe contains ingredients that will help protect, soften, nourish, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Making your own homemade lotion is fun, rewarding, easy and your skin will love you for it.