Tropical Blend Massage Oil

This tropical blend massage oil is super easy to make and the fragrance will carry you to a far away tropical paradise. Our winters here in the Pacific Northwest are noted for their gloominess with many drizzly days. For this reason, we’re always looking for ways to brighten the days. Thus we’ve formulated this tropical scented massage oil.

Know Your Coconut Oil – Virgin and Fractionated

Okay, coconut oil has gotten a bad wrap in the dietary circle due to its high saturated fat content. While the debate rages on about that, the value of coconut oil in skin and hair care products is undisputed. However, there are differences in coconut oils available for purchase. These important differences are what this post is all about.

Foot Massage Oil Recipe

A foot massage can be relaxing, rejuvenating, improve the bodies circulation and can even be sensual. When you massage your feet, you want a non-greasy foot massage oil recipe. We just say no to any risk of a slip and fall for our goddesses. For this reason, it’s important to select a recipe using oils that absorb into your skin.

Massage Oil to Heal Your Skin

We already know a massage can totally lift stress right out of your body, but why not make the oil used for your massage do double duty. Why not use the massage oil to heal your skin? If you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, bruising or irritated skin, whip up this easy massage oil and instruct your masseuse to use it.

Two Relaxing Essential Oil Recipes using Ylang Ylang

Every day has its stresses, but some days seem to be awful, often due to an accumulation of little things. You forget to set your alarm clock. You’re going to be late for work. You get to work and find out there’s going to be a layoff and you don’t know if you’re on the list. You get a call while at work, you’re kid has a fever and the school wants you to come pick him up. And on and on your day goes. You need a way to help you cope. That’s where the following two essential oil recipes come in. Quick to make essential oil recipes, particularly those made with ylang ylang are great rescuers you can use anytime.

Three Awesome Frankincense Essential Oil Recipes

If you read my post on frankincense essential oil, you’ll understand why I’m so excited about this oil that I wanted to post recipes for its use. Besides all the benefits listed in my post on frankincense essential oil, it’s renowned for its benefits for all skin types.

Essential Oils for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Occasionally life has a habit of slapping us around in all sorts of ways. It can be something totally devastating such as the loss of someone we love or bad news about a health condition. It can be a worrisome event such as the loss of a job, a foreclosure on a home or divorce. When life gets rough, even goddesses must wrestle with the situation. The proper blend of essential oils for depression, anxiety and stress will help our divas weather the tough times.

Vanilla Essential Oil – A must have!

Vanilla essential oil is one of those simple, but must have oils in your repertoire of spa products. Besides having an absolutely divine fragrance, there are other benefits that make vanilla essential oil a must have.

Natural Baby Skin Care

Your baby is totally dependent on you to make the healthy decisions for him or her. Some of those decisions will revolve around baby’s skin. The big question is; what are the healthiest lotions, oils, powders and shampoos to use? Fortunately the answer is easy…

The Best Romantic Massage

A romantic massage is all about the whole happy touchy feely thing that most of us humans like. Think about it, when someone you care about sexually touches you, it’s nice. Very nice. With that in mind, visualize that person gently and lovingly touching your whole body. That, boys and girls, is called a romantic massage.