Scent of a Goddess – Easy Custom Perfume

Anybody can go down the store and buy a perfume so they can smell exactly like everybody else that’s wearing that scent. Why not create a scent using natural essential oils that is uniquely you? In this post I’m giving you one simple recipe and then some pointers on how to change it so it a totally unique scent. It will be exclusively yours. One goddess, one unique scent.

Homemade Perfume – Part 2

In part 1 of the homemade perfume series, we discussed ways you can develop a nose for fragrances. Today we are going to discuss the classes of fragrances and a little about synthetic fragrances.

Homemade Perfume – Part 1

Imagine talking with friends and someone in the group says, “What’s that perfume you’re wearing. It’s wonderful.” You smile and say, “It’s a designer perfume I formulated for myself.” Wow! Imagine that, your own custom homemade perfume.

Super Sexy Body Mist

This erotic body mist recipe is designed to use the bouquets of essential oils known to enhance and stimulate those all important erogenous zones. It’s easy to make and oh so fun to use.

Body Spray Recipe

Body mists are so much fun to make and they are absolutely divine gifts. So here is a super simple recipe to get you going.

Homemade Perfume Recipe

Homemade perfume can be as exotic, heavy, or light as you wish. You can create perfumes with a luscious fragrance that can’t be found anywhere else. What could be more creative, more unique, or more fun?