Choose Perfume the Right Way – 10 Fatal Errors You Don’t Want to Make

To choose perfume the right way requires only a small amount of perfume knowledge. If you want to make the right impression, it’s important to select the right perfume.

Perfumes are formulated using high, middle and low notes. The high note fragrances are very intense and will be the predominant fragrance you first smell, but they are short lived. The middle notes are longer in duration and you will notice them once the high note fragrances have disappeared. Low note fragrances last the longest and will be the aroma that remains with you for hours.

This is important to understand if you want to choose perfume that’s perfect for you.

There are 10 fatal errors you don’t want to make when you choose a perfume. Here they are:

  1. Select a fragrance by whiffing from the bottle. The predominant fragrance you smell when you whiff from a bottle will be the high notes.
  2. Assume the fragrance is going to smell the same over time. Three factors come to play when you wear a perfume, the fragrance formulation, the notes of each fragrance in the blend, and your body chemistry. The only way to determine whether a perfume is going to be the right fragrance for you is to put it on and wear it for several hours.
  3. Choose perfume with too heady a fragrance. Perfumes that are two heady (strong) can be offensive to other people and can cause headaches and sometimes comments behind your back about how strong you smell. If you choose a perfume that is heady, put it on well in advance of going out and be conservative as to how much you apply. You want the aroma wafting from you to be pleasant, not a knock ‘em dead stench.
  4. Choosing perfume based on what a friend is wearing. Never ever select a fragrance for yourself because you like it on a friend. That friend is not you and has different body chemistry than you do. You must do your own testing. This is particularly true when you’re investing money in very expensive fragrances. It would be sad to spend $200 or more on a bottle of perfume only to find out it’s totally wrong.
  5. Linger too long in the perfume aisle. When you’re trying to choose perfume, keep your time at the perfume aisle short. Your nose quickly adapts to the many lingering aromas and becomes desensitized. When this happens, it will be impossible for you to know which perfumes would be best.
  6. Not run your choice of perfume by your significant other. If you’re significant other doesn’t like the fragrance you wear; chances are you won’t wear it. Choose perfume you both like.
  7. Apply perfume incorrectly. To properly test a perfume, it must be applied where it can mix well with your body chemistry. The perfect spot for this is on the palm side of your wrist. You can test no more than two fragrances at a time. The first fragrance applied or sprayed on one wrist, the second on your other wrist.
  8. Blend fragrances. For example, don’t spray two fragrances on one of your wrists. This practice will tell you little about either of the fragrances.
  9. Assume you need to choose perfume that is expensive. Choose a perfume that’s perfect for you, regardless of cost. The only way to know that is to test.
  10. Listen to others instead of trusting your own instincts. Never choose perfume just because a friend or family member tells you they like it on you. You also have to like it. I did this once and wore a perfume because my mom said she like the fragrance on me. I hated it. Now when I choose a perfume, it must meet the first criteria. I must love the fragrance.

After you choose a perfume, make sure you apply it the right way. Place or spray on those areas of your body where the blood circulates close to the surface (pulse points). That would be on your wrists, behind your ears lobes, back of your knees, base of your throat, bend in your elbows, and between your breasts. Make sure NOT to rub your wrists together after applying perfume as that breaks down the perfume molecules.

Now go have fun and relax.

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