Doggie Spa Party

If you’re one of those people like me who loves to cater to your dog, consider sponsoring a doggie spa party for him or her. It can be loads of fun for both you and your dog.

The best doggie spa party is one where you invite other dogs that get along well with your dog. It’s just like if you have a spa party. You would invite your friends. Well, the same holds true for your dog.

Here are the steps to planning a doggie spa party:

  • Select two or three people who own dogs that get along well with your puppy. It’s preferable, of course, to choose dogs that your dog likes to play with. Also, if you are inviting more than one guest, make sure the dogs are not aggressive and are close to the same size.
  • If neither you nor your friends are into the grooming thing, arrange to have a professional groomer come to your house on the day of the party. If someone you invite to the party does their own grooming, you can ask them if they would be interested in being the designated groomer. Another option is to allow each guest to groom his or her own dog. If you go this route, make sure each guest supplies the necessary grooming tools including shampoos and rinses. You supply the towels and blow dryer. You can also invite your guests to try out homemade colloidal oatmeal rinse (for the recipe click The Perfect Doggie Rinse for Spa Day below). You’ll need to know in advance if they want to give it a try so you’ll have plenty on hand.
  • Line up the treats for the dogs and your guests. There’s a couple of links below you might find helpful.

On the day of the doggie spa party

  • When your guests arrive with their dogs, allow playtime. While the dogs play, provide your guests with a beverage.
  • Take one dog at a time out for grooming.
  • When all the dogs are groomed it’s time for treats for the dogs and your guests.


The size of your doggie spa party will be somewhat limited to the space you have. For instance a home with a large fenced yard is more accommodating that a small apartment. However, even if you have a small apartment, if you have a small dog, inviting someone with a small dog to the apartment will work fine. If you have a large dog, a local dog park is your best bet for play time. You can take your snacks along in a cooler. In this instance, you may want to meet your guests at a park and head for a local groomer after you’re done. By allowing the dogs to play first, they will be more relaxed for their grooming. Remember this is your dog’s spa party, so allow lots of time for play.

Now go have fun and relax.

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