Doggy Spa at Home

Sure, I can load my little Yorkshire terrier, Misty, into the car and haul her to the groomers. It would be so much easier and faster than trying to do it myself. However, I’ve found that Misty is more comfortable at home and she loves the extra time and attention from me.

My doggy spa at home 

Misty’s not a teacup sized Yorkie, so she goes in the tub for her bath. I get everything ready in advance so her dog spa day is special for both of us.

That readiness includes:

  • Doggy music.  To read the post “Music for Dogs” click here.
  • Calming scents. I use lavender or chamomile in a diffuser.
  • Homemade dog shampoo. For the recipe click here.
  • Homemade dog rinse. For the recipe click here.
  • Brushes
  • Nail clippers
  • Scissors to clip the hair away from her eyes, ears and back end. I use blunt end scissors that way there’s no risk of accidentally injuring Misty. (I don’t think I could live with the guilt.)
  • Cotton balls to clean her ears. Learn how to clean dog ears by clicking here.

Misty enjoys a spa day about once a month. It’s a special time for both of us. I never hurry the process. After she is bathed, clipped and brushed I give her a massage. I always end her spa day with her favorite homemade treats. For the recipe click here.

If my pal was a 200 pound St Bernard, I don’t know how I would handle a dog spa day, but I would figure out something. The reason is that a spa day is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a special time with my dog.


In addition to her monthly dog spa day, I take Misty on walks every day even though some days those walks have to be cut short; I brush her every other day, and I spend time playing with her every day. I have a happy, well-adjusted dog and that is good for both of us.

Now go have fun and relax.

13 thoughts on “Doggy Spa at Home

    1. Yours is not a breed that likes water except as a drink. My Silky is the same way, bt I think she’s a little mellower than your pup by the sounds of it. I’m not sure what you’ve tried with your dog or if s/he tries to bite you. Tell us a little more about the techniques you have tried and we might have some suggestions that will work. If nothing else works, you can also try a dry shampoo.

    2. Some of our puppies just don’t like to get their bodies in water. I have just such a dog, but she tolerates her bath. Does your chihuahua try to bite you or does s/he just grow 26 new legs and prove just how double jointed s/he can be? What have you tried in the past. If you tell us that, maybe we can offer suggestions. Otherwise, you might try a dry shampoo.

    1. Misty came as one of the best Christmas gifts that I’ve ever received. She was purchased from a kennel in Eatonville, WA that no longer exists.

      Misty is 12 pounds and is larger than most people think of when they talk about Yorkies, however the breeder said there were fewer genetic problems with the larger dogs. Boy was she right. Misty has no problems including no allergies. She also has one of the sweetest dispositions of any dog I’ve ever had.

      I love her soooo much and totally spoil her. She does have a little stubborn streak, but generally minds very well.

      1. i have a boy teacup yorkie he is so sweet and he is a spoiled rotten dog i make snacks with pb and dog treats anyone want to know it?????

        1. Hi there Guest,

          Absolutely. Post your recipe in comments or email it to us. We’ll try it and if it meets with the approval of our resident dogs, we’ll post it on SpaFromScratch and give you full credit for it.

    1. What a totally cool idea. I’ll have to do write a post on it. I could easily have a spa day with Misty. I don’t know if it would work quite as well with a large breed of dog though.
      Hey, I’m open to ideas.

  1. I bath my dogs outside in a water trough the seem to enjoy it and i use plain old nail polish for their nails. it does not hurt them as long at they don`t eat their own nails.

  2. is it okay for me to paint my dog snails? because when me and my familyy paint nails she seems interested but when she gets closer she just kinda jumps back lik a snake popped out. thank you. 🙂

    1. Yes, but I would use a non toxic polish. Whether your dog enjoys the experience or not depends entirely on the dog. Some dogs don’t mind you playing with their paws. Others don’t like it at all. Since this is purely cosmetic and for your pleasure, pay attention to what your dog says. If he or she says no, don’t do it. Otherwise, go ahead.

      The polish I’ve read about for dogs is called Pawlish I believe.

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