Don’t Wait to be Happy

“If you add up how you’ve spent your days it is equal the sum of your life.” ~Lori Eaton

You can add happiness to your life every day by looking forward to fun activities for you and your family. You will tighten family bonds, be happier and of course, have fun. If you plan it right, you might even save money. I have made it my mission to have something to look forward to every day of the week.

I call Monday’s My Mondays. Every Monday morning I wake up about a half hour earlier than usual and spend two hour doing whatever I want. Sometimes it will be drinking coffee and solving puzzles on the computer. Sometimes it will be drinking coffee and making a task list for the week. Sometimes it will be drinking coffee and soaking in the hot tub. Note that coffee is an integral part of My Monday (LOL). I really enjoy this time. The dog usually stays in bed. My son has gone to school. My husband is off to work. And for the most part the cats will leave me alone. Everything is so peaceful. I just love having that little bit of time to myself.

Because my son starts later to school on Wednesdays, he and I have Late Night Tuesdays. After my husband retires for the evening, we eat kid snacks, watch movies, listen to music and play video games and chat. We used to call it “Tommy Mommy Night” before he turned into a high school kid (LOL). This is one of my favorite days of the week.

Wicked Wednesday: Every Wednesday I drive my son and his friend to school. They start their school day an hour later than usual. We leave just a little early and stop for Fluffaccinos at Starbucks. All three of us look forward to this every week. It’s really amazing how some tiny little treat like this can brighten your whole day. NOTE: I stopped buying the special coffees during the rest of the week so that my Wednesday grande hazelnut latte (extra sweet) would be extra special.

Family Fridays are another day we look forward to every week. My brother, mother and my son’s friends will come for dinner with my family. Usually we have pizza. We all eat pizza, watch movies, talk about our week, eat yummy treats and just have fun. It is kind of a celebration that the work week is over. PARTY!

Sexy Saturdays are when my husband and I have chosen to have our date night. We usually start at 5 pm. Sometimes we go out for dinner and then maybe a movie. Sometimes we sit out on our back porch and chat while barbequing some steaks. Sometimes we watch a romantic comedy and eat TV dinners. Our activities don’t really matter as long as we are spending one-on-one time together.

No Work Sunday’s are exactly that. No one in the family is required to perform any work related tasks on Sunday (unless my son hasn’t completed his homework). This is our lazy day.

Thursdays are open days at present, but we have been coming up with ideas as a family for things we might enjoy. I like having my whole family involved in deciding what we want to do. Everyone gets a say because everyone’s opinion is important. Taking turns is fun also. Sometimes it might be Taco Thursday at one of our local Mexican restaurants. Another time may involve playing video games with our son. The options are endless.


  • Try a new recipe.
  • Learn a new hobby.
  • Play a game with your family.
  • Read a chapter from your favorite book.
  • Do something nice for a neighbor.


Happiness should be for every day, not something waiting for an event or activity to happen. We shouldn’t wait for that someone special to come along and make us happy. We are the one’s responsible for making ourselves happy. We shouldn’t wait for that vacation, new job, graduation etc. to be happy. Let’s be happy right now, today and everyday.

Does that mean we won’t have unhappy moments in our life? No. That happens to us all. However, if we are happy every day, we will be better able to deal with those problems life brings.

Now go have fun and relax.

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