Easter Gift Basket for Spa Day


An Easter gift basket is a lot of fun to create and it adds that intimate personal touch that tells the recipient how much you care. We created an Easter gift basket for spa day and kept track of how much time and money we spent doing it.

We made sure we did our shopping for the Easter gift basket at the same time we needed to go to the stores for other household items. That means no special trip which equates to a savings in time and money (for gasoline).

Everything we needed to make the Easter gift basket that you see in the image above cost about $50 and about 1 hour at the store and 45 minutes to assemble. We could have created a basket for as little as $25, but we kept seeing and buying extra items for the basket just because we thought they would be nice additions.

Here’s what we came home from the store with:

1 Easter basket

2 packages of Easter grass

1 scented candle

3 egg shaped bath fizzies

2 bath poufs

1 absolutely adorable blue bunny

1 jar mineral bath salts

1 package of neroli and lavender bath salts

1 package of almond, chamomile and honey body scrub

1 chocolate masque

1 small bottle of body mist

1 tube of rosemary and lavender bath salts body soak

1 tube of body cream

1 Lindt gold bunny 3.5 ounce (mama bunny)

5 Lindt gold bunnies .34 ounces each (mama’s babies)

5 Baby chicks

1 package of yellow tissue paper

Bow material

Now you can change any of the ingredients and basket size to make the basket much less or more expensive depending on your budget. You can also opt to make all of the ingredients to fill your gift basket. Check out the individual recipes or the “Custom Spa Recipes” right here on SpaFromScratch. I’ve included a few ideas in the resources section below.

I hope you have as much fun making your gift basket as we did. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. A good place to get baskets is your local second hand store like the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Now go have fun and relax.

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3 thoughts on “Easter Gift Basket for Spa Day

  1. what about a gift card that is less expensive then $ 45 prsenet that way she can use it for anything i see that she is in the medical profession get the gift card that will help her a gift card is meaningful then a gift basket it is easy to carry and she has it just in case she needs to use it she has it with her. try a mall wide gift card

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