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Enjoy a Perfect Bath

You can turn any bath into a mini spa experience with just a tiny bit of effort. By doing this, your bath will become a time to totally relax and enjoy being alive. It will be a time to let the challenges of the day melt away. And it will be a time to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

To create your perfect bath, you should appeal to all 5 of your senses; sight, sound, kinesthetic (touch), smell, and taste.

What you should see

Surround yourself with visually pleasing elements such as a bouquet of flowers, lovely candles, pretty towels, and or a colorful potpourri. Think about those things that are the visually appealing and mood lifting to you and add them.

What you should hear

Arrange to have soothing music playing during your bath. You may enjoy classical music, sounds of nature, or the mystical sounds of reeds. Whatever is the most soothing is what you’re after. (Note: If you’re using an electrical device to play music, make sure it’s well away from the tub. You in tub + radio in tub= way too much stimulation. Plus, it can be deadly.) Click here [1] for some recommended music.

What you should smell

Fragrance is an enormous factor in creating the right atmosphere. Identify the fragrance that most relaxes and soothes you and add it to your bath experience. Fragrant candles, incense, and bath ingredients such as bubble baths, bath bombs, soaps, and shampoos all add helpful elements to your bath experience.

What you should feel

We’re talking about what you touch with your hands and what touches your body. The bath water should be warm and comfortable. When you add oils, bombs, and or bubble bath to your bath water they should create an elegant sensual feel to your body. Your towels should be soft and luxurious against your skin. Be sure and have a soft and thick bath rug to step on when you leave the tub.

Be gentle with your body as you bathe. It’s not a pan so don’t scrub it like one. Take your time. Enjoy the elements of relaxation that you have created for yourself.

What you should taste

Enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea, a cup of hot cocoa, or even a glass of wine. Sip your beverage as you lay back in your bath water and enjoy the moment.

Now go have fun and relax.

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