Hair Falling Out? You May be the Cause

We have received a number of questions from our goddesses because their hair is falling out. We have another post giving some general information on hair loss at “All about Hair,” but not much detail is given for one big reason why your hair may be falling out and you may be causing it to happen. That reason is stress and worry.

According to Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M.D a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist and researcher specializing in addictions, there are three types stress related hair loss.

  1. Alopecia areata where white blood cells attack the hair follicle resulting in hair loss. To learn more about this condition check out the Alopecia website at
  2. Telogen effluvium where both emotional and physical stress can cause hair to go into a resting phase. You will notice your hair start to fall out within a few months after the stress incident.
  3. Trichotillomania (trik-oh-til-oh-may-nee-uh) is a condition where someone pulls out their hair. Stress, tension, loneliness can all lead to trichotillomania.

In addition, a fairly recent discovery is that the hair follicle has the ability to produce cortisol, the stress hormone. Who would have thought it? So what is the connection between cortisol and hair loss? It appears that cortisol coupled with other hormones in the body such as DHT, androstendione and estrogen has a role in causing the body to treat the hair follicle as an alien organ to be rejected. (Information from

With this information, you can understand just how important it is to get a handle on the stressors in your life. A good rule of thumb to live by is “If it can’t kill you, don’t worry about it.” That’s Lori’s motto and I’ve adopted it. When I feel myself start to tense up over one stupid thing or another, I pause a second and ask myself “Can this kill me?” If the answer is no, I take a deep breath, smile and go on about my business without the stress. Give it a try; it might work for you too.

Since stress is such an important part of health and beauty we’ve covered it in three separate posts: “The Path to Ultimate Stress Relief,” “Really Good and Really Quick Stress Relief Techniques” and “Stress Relief Strategies.” Check them out if you have difficulties getting stress under control. Hint: my favorite antidote for general stress is exercise. What I mean by general stress is that kind where you can’t put your finger on the reason why you’re stressed, you just are. For me, exercise works best at relieving this type of stress and, as an added bonus, I’m also improving my overall health.

I don’t have a problem with pulling my hair when I’m stressed, but I have observed this behavior in friends. To avoid this cause of hair loss, make it a point to be aware of what you are doing with your hands. Don’t let them at your hair.

Since there are several reasons for hair loss besides stress, it’s a good idea to check with your physician if you are experiencing this problem just to be on the safe side. Common causes not associated with stress include hormonal imbalances, some medications, and poor nutrition. Hairstyles that tug at your locks and harsh chemicals that damage your hair are also possible causes of hair loss.

Hopefully, this post has done the job of pointing out just how important it is to keep unnecessary stress out of your life. None of us can eliminate all stress, nor would we want to, but way too many of us stay stressed full time. And that’s a very bad thing for our gods and goddesses.

Now go have fun and RELAX.

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