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Healthy Hair Tips

What is healthy hair? That is an interesting question in that most people think of hair as that stuff hanging out of their scalp, but that’s dead stuff. The only living part of hair is a cell under the skin that causes the hair to grow in the first place.

So, how can you offer healthy hair tips for something that is dead? Well, it might be dead, but it doesn’t have to look dead. It should look vibrant and shiny, not dull and listless and it shouldn’t fall out prematurely. So, what can you do to have healthy cells that grow hair and keep the dead, but showy part of the hair shiny and vibrant? Well, those are the two questions we answer today.

Healthy hair tip one – healthy cells

Healthy hair starts with the cells that grow it. Foods that are particularly good for hair include:

If you aren’t getting what you need from your diet, your hair will pay the price. For instance, if you’re deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, your hair will look dull and listless. Vitamin deficiencies reduce your body’s ability to produce sebum and sebum is your own personal hair conditioner. A biotin deficiency causes brittle hair. A zinc deficiency can cause your hair to shed.

Note: Beware of crash diets, they can be damaging to your hair if you aren’t getting adequate nutrition.

Healthy hair tip two – the exercise factor

Healthy hair tip three – manage stress

Everyone has stress. I think life would be really dull without it. Getting ready to go on vacation creates stress. Getting married creates stress. Getting a wonderful new job creates stress. These are all good things, but they create stress none the less. However, each of these events create short term stress that our bodies are designed to handle.

The problem really arises when we are under steady stress that demands our bodies to be continuously flooded with stress hormones. This is devastating to our health in general including our hair. If you wake up every morning stressed and go to bed each night stressed, it’s time to get proactive.

There are pharmaceuticals that are widely used to artificially reduce stress. I prefer to use the following activities to relieve stress. They work for me, you may have other ideas. If so, comment on them so others can benefit.

For more information on relaxation click here [3].

Healthy hair tip four – protect your hair from you and the elements

There are good products that you can buy or make that will give your locks added shine and bouncy vibrancy. However, what is most important to long lasting healthy hair is to take good care of your hair by taking good care of your health. This is closely followed by protecting your hair from environmental damage.

Now go have fun and relax.

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