Help! I have Dry Hair

Too often goddesses complain about how dry their hair is and want to know what to do about it. First, it’s important to know why your hair is dry. Once you know that, you can find a solution. Be prepared though, the solution to a dry hair problem may involve more than applying a new shampoo, rinse or oil treatment.

Why is your hair dry?

Some of the reasons you may have dry hair include:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Some medical conditions such as under-active thyroid or under-active parathyroid
  • Using chemical laden shampoos that damage the hair follicle
  • Malnutrition – We’re not talking about hunger here, but rather, not eating the right foods.
  • Excessive washing and or blow drying


What to do about dry hair


If you’re diet is poor like it is for many, change that first. Make sure you are getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. You find them in salmon, walnuts, sardines, safflower oil, flax and soy. Oh, and don’t forget the fruits and vegetables. If your diet is bad, your hair will probably tell you about it.

The chemical connection

If you’ve been using harsh chemicals on your hair, stop. It’s super easy to make your own all natural shampoo and rinse. Add the right essential oils that stimulate the sebaceous glands and your hair will love you for it. I’ve already posted recipes to do that. Be sure and check them out: Shampoo Recipe for Dry Frizzy Hair and Homemade Conditioner – Colloidal Oatmeal


Stress is a big problem for goddesses that want beautiful hair. Stress can actually cause you to wish your hair was just dry and frizzy because it can actually cause your hair to fall out. Controlling stress is such an important part of being healthy and beautiful that I’ve devoted several posts on the topic. The Path to Ultimate Stress Relief is the latest post on the topic.

The medical connection

Make sure you eliminate any medical conditions that may be causing your hair to be dry. Get a check up and tell your doctor you are concerned about your dry hair. This is particularly important if you aren’t damaging your hair in the other ways listed above.

Two other tips

Use warm water when you shampoo and rinse. Hot water strips the oils. And make your last rinse in cold water. A cold water rinse closes the cuticle and makes your hair shine.


If you have dry hair the chances are you’ll need to approach the problem from several directions. For instance, you may need to change your diet and reduce your stress or increase your omega 3 fatty acids and start using shampoos that won’t damage your hair. Fortunately, for most goddesses whatever is the cause of your dry hair can be easily fixed.

Now go have fun and relax.

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