Homemade Bath Oil Recipes – Absolutely Fabulous for Gifts

There is nothing quite as nice as climbing into a soothing bath containing a magical potion that calms your nerves and caresses your skin into baby softness. You can easily have all that with homemade bath oil recipes. The following homemade bath oil recipes are wonderful for you to use in converting your bath into a sensational spa experience.

Homemade bath oil also makes a tremendous gift for your friends and family. They will never know how little it cost you to create their gift; they will only know how good they feel when they soak in the luxuriousness of it.

Visualize the oil presented in a lovely cobalt blue bottle with a beautiful bow. You can create a label with use instructions or simply add an instruction card to the gift box.

Ingredients for oily skin

6 tsp of Sweet Almond oil

6 tsp of Aloe Vera oil

10 drops of Clary Sage

Ingredients for dry skin

6 tsp of Sweet Almond oil

6 tsp of Jojoba Oil (cold pressed)

20 drops of fragrance oil

Ingredients to relieve stress

 12 tsp of Sweet Almond oil

20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Ingredients to relieve PMS

6 tsp of Sweet Almond oil

6 tsp of Jojoba Oil (cold pressed)

10 drops of Clary Sage

Ingredients to relieve mental fatigue

12 tsp of sweet almond oil (may substitute 12 teaspoons of jojoba oil or mix 6 teaspoons of jojoba oil with 6 teaspoons of sweet almond oil.

10 drops of peppermint or lemon essential oil

Blend the oils together and store in an amber or cobalt glass bottle. After you have drawn your bathwater, add about 1 ½ teaspoons (7-8ml) of the bath oil blend to your bath water.

Now go have fun and relax.

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