Honoring All Crafters


So often in modern society, the crafter is thought of as simply a hobbyist. Though this may be true of some folks, it certainly isn’t true of everyone. Let’s take a look at the word craft. It’s defined as the skill of making something by hand.

Leonardo de Vinci was a crafter considering the many inventive prototypes he created. I don’t think you will hear many people refer to him simply as a hobbyist. Many beautiful and or useful creations come from the hands of crafters.

Our emphasis on SpaFromScratch is the creation of healthy bath and beauty products. We believe wonderful and beneficial creations are produced by our crafters so we wanted to dedicate a post to honoring them. We also want to honor crafters everywhere who devote countless hours to create concepts with their minds and then use their hands to bring those creations to fruition for everyone to enjoy.

Our hats are off to you all. Keep creating. Your efforts help make the world a better place.

Now go have fun and relax.


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