How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes the Quick Way

You wake up in the morning and stare in the mirror. To your horror there are two gigantic bags under your eyes staring back at you. They make you look tired, haggard and old way beyond your years. On top of that, you’ve got those dark rings under your eyes commonly called raccoon eyes.

At this point you don’t care that they got there because you didn’t get enough sleep. You don’t care if they got there because you had way too much fun the night before. You only care about making that bad look go away and fast. What do you do?

For the bags under your eyes:

Step 1 reduce swelling to get rid of bags under eyes

Apply cold green tea bags to your eyes for 10 minutes. Soak the teabags in cold water to moisten and put them in your freezer for a minute or two before applying. If you don’t have green tea bags, apply cucumber slices or the back of an ice-cold teaspoon.

Have Preparation H cream? If you do, you can apply that to those bags under your eyes to deflate them. Be sure and use only the cream, not the oil because the oil can make those bags worse. Take care not to get any into your eyes.

Step 2 – Camouflage bags under eyes

1. First apply your foundation makeup
2. Next apply an under eye primer if you have it as this will help hold your concealer.
3. Now apply a light colored concealer to the crease below the puffy area and along the nose following the tear line.
4. Next apply concealer two shades darker than your foundation directly to the puffy area.

For the raccoon look:

Okay, that takes care of the bags under your eyes, but what if you have dark circles. You don’t want to go out looking like a raccoon. I mean, the raccoon look is really cute if you’re a raccoon, but on us human types, it’s just not right. The best quick technique to hide the darkness is by camouflaging it. So how do you camouflage those dark circles?

If you look closely at the dark circles, you will probably notice they have a reddish or bluish cast. This is not unlike a typical bruise you might get anywhere else on your body. To cover them, you need to use a salmon or peach colored concealer. Don’t use beige or white concealer as those colors will change the dark area to gray thus giving you that lovely zombie look. Use the same technique outlined above to apply.

Look for upcoming posts on ways to keep your eyes beautiful and youthful looking at any age. We’ll be covering it all.

Now go have fun and relax.

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24 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes the Quick Way

  1. Very hard to deal with as a teen, my 15 year old son suddenly started getting bags under his eyes we are seeing a allergist right now but seems to be allergic to nothing. if it’s genetic I don’t know from where. He is so self conscience of this. A teacher the other day asked him to stay after class and asked him if he was upset and crying over something. I felt so bad for him and know the teacher was trying to help but now he know everyone notices it. So sad to see such a athletic, smart,kind kid have to stress over this.

    1. Hi there Guest,

      We’re so sorry your teen is having problems. Though there probably isn’t a medical concern, you might want to find out if your teen is getting enough sleep. Other possible concerns include dehydration, proper diet, drug use and various toxins.

      Some pot smokers report that when they smoked, they had bags, but after they quit the bags disappeared. A pee test will rule out this possibility. Your boy isn’t likely to fess up that he’s smoking pot if he thinks you will disapprove and/or ground him.

      Another possible contributing factor is diet related. Does he drink enough water? What is he eating and drinking? Is he getting enough B vitamins?

      If he was my kid, I’d start with the simplest thing first and make sure he was getting enough sleep. I would have the doc do a pee test to rule out drugs. I would discuss the relationship that diet has on someone’s appearance and encourage him to eat healthy foods.

      If everything checks out okay, I would probably have the doctor do a tox screen to rule out possible toxins he’s accumulated in his body over the past 15 years.

      Kids like to look good and that alone will probably help motivate him to be proactive in helping you to help him.

      Hope these ideas help.

      Be sure and report back. Your discoveries will help other mothers help their kids.


    1. Hello there young one,

      The dark circles can have a variety of causes. If your doctor has checked you out and says everything is okay, here are a few things you can consider or try.

      Are you eating plenty of vegies. Poor nutrition can be a factor in having dark rings under your eyes.
      Do you have allergies? There is a link between allergies and dark circles.
      Does your mom or dad have dark rings? If so, there may be a genetic link.

      We love you,

      Your friends here at SpaFromScratch

  2. Possible reasons for bags under eyes
    1. Lack of sleep
    Try sleeping early and wake up a little late
    2. Allergy problems
    Get more effective allergy medication
    3. Iron deficiency
    Eat lots of meat and fruits plus water
    4. Stress
    Be less tensed and more calm do it little by little

  3. ive had bags and dark circles since i was 11 and im 13 i tried the frozen spoon thing and that worked but they just came back my sister thinks that i have bags because i dont sleep very much and go to bed late but i sleep 7-8 hours each night and after school i sleep for at least 3-4 hrs if i dont have anything to do. i eat right kinda. what can i do to make them go away and is it normal for it to be happening to a 13 year old girl?

    1. Hello beautiful young goddess,

      Take heart in knowing that you are not the only teen with this problem. When teens have this problem it can be caused by insufficient sleep, too much salt in the diet, allergies, hormones and stress.

      Since you seem to be getting sufficient sleep, actually maybe a little too much on those days when you sleep 12 hours, look at the other possibilities.

      It would be a good idea to check with your doctor to rule out possible medical causes such as hormones, allergies or thyroid problems.

      If your doctor says everything is okay medically, try getting more exercise, drinking more water, leaving salty junk foods alone and sleeping with your head elevated on a good pillow.

      Also, remember that dark circles don’t define you as a young goddess. You are beautiful with or without them.

      Be sure and come back and tell us how you’re doing because we love you and really care.

      We love you.

  4. Im 14 , this shouldnt b happenin to me but im gonna try this hopefully it’ll show some imiprovement, and is it commom for boys to get bags , im a girl but my twwin brother has them to, are they recessive??

    1. Hello young goddess,

      Hope this works for you and your brother. In answer to your question, there can be a genetic element involved. Does your mother, father, grandparents, aunts and uncles have this problem? That’s a place to start.

      Another factor could be your lifestyle. Do you and your brother get enough sleep? Do you practice healthy eating habits?

    1. yeah I am twelve and already have like big puffy sections under my eyes with a really long line, small bag, BIG line 🙁 I need help

    1. yeah I am twelve and already have like big puffy sections under my eyes with a really long line, small bag, BIG line 🙁 I need help

      1. Hi sweetheart,
        Are you getting enough sleep? What does your mom think? Often times a mom is a great advisor because she knows you best. (A dad will work too.)

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