How to Give Yourself a Quick Pedicure

There’s probably no other part of your body that takes as much abuse as your feet.  You pound around on them all day. Sometimes they’re stuck in ill-fitting shoes that squeeze too tight or rub them so hard that blisters form. It’s no wonder that 75% of the U.S. population have foot problems at some time during their life. Besides buying shoes that are good for your feet, it’s a good idea to care for them with regular pedicures. Pedicures can vary in how elaborate they are, but simple pedicures aren’t time very consuming so you’re more likely to be consistent.

Well cared for feet are not only healthier, they’re much nicer to look at bare than those that are unsightly and unkempt. Your feet are another part of the beautiful you. So, here’s a super simple and quick pedicure:

Supplies You Need

  • Cotton pads or cotton balls (pads are better)
  • Acetone-free polish remover
  • Pumice stone
  • Exfoliating scrub
  • Toenail clipper
  • Nail file
  • Orange stick or cuticle tool
  • Cuticle remover
  • Cuticle trimmer
  • Moisturizer
  • Polish (optional)

Pedicure Steps:

1.    Remove Old Nail Polish (Use acetone free polish remover.)

2.    Give Your Feet a Bath (This can be during your regular bath, but the soak   should be for at least 10 minutes in warm water.)

3.   Dry Feet Thoroughly

4.   Gently Exfoliate (Use a pumice stone and an exfoliating scrub. Remember to be gentle, but pay particular attention to the heels.)

5.   Rinse Well With Warm Water

6.   Trim Toenails (Trim them straight across the top and even with the end of your toes. Smooth any roughness with a file.)

7.    Apply Cuticle Remover to each toe

8.   Use Cuticle Tool or your orange stick to gently push toenail cuticles back away from nail.

9.   Trim Cuticle (Use a cuticle trimmer and remove any dead skin from around your nails. Just remember, cuticle trimmers are very sharp.)

10. Moisturize Your Feet (Use a rich moisturizing lotion for this and take a little extra time to massage your feet. Did you know that there are points on your feet associated with every other part of your body? A good foot massage is good for your whole body.)

11. Polish (optional) (Be sure and remove all lotion from your nails before polishing.) Use a base coat, color, then a topcoat. Start with a single stroke down the center of each nail and a single stroke on either side. Allow nails to dry thoroughly between coats.

There’s a lot to keeping your feet looking good and that will be covered in upcoming posts.  A quick pedicure at home is a great place to start.

Now go have fun and relax.

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