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How to Have Fun

If you want to know how to have fun, you first must know what fun is. The word “fun” is one of those nebulous terms with different meanings for different people. In this post we’re going to explore the definition of fun then look at ways to increase the fun in your life based on how you define it.

The definition

According to Webster’s dictionary, “fun” is a noun, a verb, and an adjective and means enjoyment or amusement. It can also have a derogatory context as in, “We made fun of her.” We’re going to use the enjoyment or amusement definition.

To know how to have fun, each of us must first define what fun is in our life. I may think it is fun to go shopping or to hike in the woods. You might not think that’s fun at all. Maybe for you visiting an exotic new place is fun or scaling Mount Everest or bungee jumping. So to really define fine, each of us must first know what we think is amusing and enjoyable.

Our definition of how to have fun will change as we go through life. Maybe as a child, you played tag or hide and seek because it was fun. As an adult, you might not find those activities amusing at all. Instead, they have been replaced by other forms of amusing and enjoyable play. Maybe tag has been replaced with starting a small business or hobby. Finding a gorgeous new outfit or having a spa party with friends now takes the place of hide and seek. That doesn’t mean you have less fun than when you were a child, it’s just a different kind of fun.

When not to listen to other people if you want to know how to have fun

If your idea of how to have fun is hiking in the woods and someone else’s idea is spending a day in the city shopping, the shopper might think you don’t know how to have fun. Take the time to define what is enjoyable and amusing for you. It’s perfectly okay if you want to luxuriate in a hot tub with soothing Dead Sea salts instead of climbing Mount Everest. So don’t listen to others who tell you don’t know how to have fun. At least don’t listen to them if you’ve defined fun in your terms.

When to listen to others

When your friends and family tell you that you don’t know how to have fun anymore, ask yourself this question. Are they right? If your life is not enjoyable and you find no amusement, it’s time to act. You might be suffering from depression, worry, stress or all three. The good news is that these conditions are treatable.

If you’re bored and or restless, ask yourself why. Once you think you have an answer, take action. One thing to remember though is that we often blame outside conditions for problems that are really internal. Be careful about doing that.

How to have fun doing what you don’t like to do

The big difference between work and play is a state of mind. Change your state of mind about something you are doing and you can convert it from work to play. Just to give you an example. When I was in my teens I worked in a book bindery. I considered it the single most boring thing I had ever done. It was right up there with watching grass grow. I needed to do something fast or the monotony of the job was going to drive me completely nuts. I decided to compete with myself. Every day I tried to beat the time it took me to complete my task the day before.

When it was time to go back to school, I not only could complete my job faster than the machine that did the same thing I was doing but was offered a permanent position at the bindery upon graduation. I never went back, but while I was there, I changed the job from grueling boredom to fun.

I also hate to clean my house. However, I’ve discovered that lively music, scented candles and a vision in my mind of a shiny clean house change my mood. The task becomes enjoyable and fun.

7 Ways to increase the fun in your life


If you really want to know how to have fun, you need to define what fun is to you. It may not be what you think it is. Just because you don’t enjoy some activity that used to amuse you, doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know how to have fun. It may mean that your concept of what fun is has changed. Also, remember that the difference between work and play is a state of mind.

Now go have fun and relax.

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